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"Untouched" Lake Shore article Photo Gallery
Photos by Peter J. LaGrasse

Lens Lake

Late summer view of Lens Lake,
Stony Creek, from DEC dam.

William Hutchens

William Hutchens at the August 9, 2001 meeting of the Adirondack Park Agency Commissioners at North Creek, N.Y.

Thomas Saehrig showing slide of proposed log house

During his official presentation to the APA Commissioners on August 9, 2001, project review officer Thomas Saehrig shows a slide of the rendering of Keith McHugh's proposed log house.

Two of the residential structures along Lens Lake Road belonging to letter writers objecting to Keith McHugh's plan to build a log house. Above: Mobile home belonging to William Liebl. Below: Summer residence of Shirley and Robert Boevin, a well-preserved old log house

Describing his meeting with Keith McHugh in a letter
written during November 2000, William Hutchens
"I pointed out that it seemed like we might
be headed for public hearings, which could
be expensive, arduous, and unpleasant.

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