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Map of Biosphere Reserves

"Biosphere Reserves" - UNESCO MAB

Excerpts from map: "Biosphere reserves are intended to become models of how we should live with nature. They are multipurpose protected areas established to conserve species and natural communities, and to find ways to use environments without degrading them."

"This map shows biomes and the location of biosphere reserves. Biomes are major types of natural environments. The network of biosphere reserves is intended eventually to represent all major subdivisions of these biomes, as well as coastal and marine environments."

"Solutions for mitigating excessive tropical deforestation, desertification, atmospheric pollution, the 'greenhouse effect,' and other environmental ills call for intelligence and cooperation on an unprecedented scale."

"'Biosphere reserve' is an international designation made by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural organisation (Unesco) on the basis of nominations submitted by the more than 110 countries participating in its Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB). MAB was launched in 1971 to provide the knowledge, skills, and human values to support harmonious relationships between people and their environments throughout the world. Biosphere reserves act as a keystone of MAB by providing a global network of sites for cooperative research toward this end." —UNESCO MAB 1989

(Seventy of the participating nations had Biosphere Reserves in 1989, totaling 276 designations, including 47 in the U.S. Full size, fold-out map available free of charge from US MAB.)

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