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APA Porn Scandal Arouses Disdain for the APA among Adirondack Residents

Ted Galusha and other opponents of the Adirondack Park Agency raised a NO APA sign on the side of his house on August 19, 2005.

The protest sign was precipitated by the failure of the APA and Dept. of Environmental Conservation to open up disabled access to the Forest Preserve in compliance with the court settlement won by Ted Galusha's group.

In addition, the APA had just announced its plan to, in essence, destroy private family campgrounds on private property within the hated Blue Line enclosing the so-called Adirondack Park, by requiring that all campers be moved around on the properties every 90 days, and that they be removed every 120 days.

On top of this, on August 5, 2005, the news broke that, as a result of an investigation of a sexual harassment complaint, the State Inspector General had discovered that the Executive Director of the APA and four other officials had many pornographic photographs of nude and semi-nude women on the hard drives of their computers. Mr. Fitts, whose post paid $90,800 annually, resigned one week later, but the newspapers and the people of the Adirondacks continued to call for the identification of the other APA officials with porn on their computers.

Painting the NO APA Sign

Painting the NO APA Sign
The hand-built, hand-painted billboard-sized sign was inspired by the disgust and hatred that many Adirondack residents feel toward the Adirondack Park Agency. The existence of the APA hangs like a black cloud over property owners. To avoid running afoul of the APA, property owners even agree to restrictions beyond the terrible law, rather than being harassed with delays and threats of enforcement. The only way to end the tyranny of the APA is to have NO APA.

Raising the NO APA Sign

Raising the NO APA Sign
Friends, reporters, state and local officials gathered at the sign raising on Friday, August 19, 2005 to protest the disdain by the Adirondack Park Agency toward local people and property owners.

Ted Galusha's NO APA Sign Expresses the Feelings of Adirondackers toward the Adirondack Park Agency

Ted Galusha's NO APA Sign Expresses the Feelings of Adirondackers toward the Adirondack Park Agency
Ted (left) has spent many years working through official channels to establish disabled access to the Adirondack Forest Preserve, but the APA and Region 6 DEC have failed to carry out their obligations, closing roads including public highways that formerly were open and accessible, and failing to abide by written agreements.

Vehicles Approaching Ted Galusha's House Can't Miss the Giant No APA Sign

Vehicles Approaching Ted Galusha's House Can't Miss the Giant No APA Sign
Route 9 is the busiest north-south route in northeastern New York, with the exception of
Interstate 87. The Galusha residence, with the office of Adirondackers for Access,
is located on the north side of Warrensburg.
Photo: Peter J. LaGrasse

Traffic Passes the NO APA Sign on Ted Galusha's House

Traffic Passes the NO APA Sign on Ted Galusha's House
Ted Galusha had recently finished a 72-day campout at Forest Preserve lands known as Buttermilk near the Hudson River in Warrensburg. He began during May, and was joined with many local volunteers to monitor the campground and keep it clean. Ted pointed out that the success of their volunteer work depended on DEC's keeping its promise of cooperation to lend its official presence patrolling, to keep the area orderly. But DEC failed to patrol as agreed, Ted reported recently. Instead of carrying out its part of the agreement, DEC put a gate across the road. With no law enforcement present for the most part, Ted explained, there was no one to effectively discourage ATV users from violating the law. A man was killed speeding his ATV into a tree. Disgusted with DEC after the agency put a gate up, volunteers gave up and quit. Photo: Peter J. LaGrasse

Close-up of No APA Sign

Close-up of No APA Sign
Stick on Signs Available
Since August 19, a big NO APA sign on Ted Galusha's house in Warrensburg reflects the anger of Adirondack residents and property owners at the uncontrolled, anti-people Adirondack Park Agency. Motorists honk their horns and wave in approval of the vivid NO APA sign.
Ted Galusha has stick-on miniatures of this sign available.
Telephone PRFA at (518) 696-5748
. Photo: Peter J. LaGrasse

T Shirt: New York State Adirondack porn agency

T Shirt: New York State Adirondack porn agency
Word of mouth is flashing around the Adirondacks that excellent new T shirts reflecting the APA porn scandal are available. The front of the shirts reads: New York State Adirondack (park-crossed out) porn agency. The back reads: screwing the little guy since 1973.
Contact Ted Galusha (518) 623-4519 for information or Mike Vilegi at

Back of T Shirt Bluntly Tells the Truth

Back of T Shirt Bluntly Tells the Truth

Make a Statement with "No APA" Stickers
Vivid weather-resistant red and black on white "No APA" sticker (4 in. by 5 in.) with peel-off backing are available for your car and for the window on the front door of your house. These popular stickers are miniatures of the giant No APA sign hanging on Ted Galusha's house and were donated by Ted Galusha.

Price: $1.50 for one No APA stick-on, $1.75 for two.
Add 25 cents for each additional stick-on.
(With this web offer, the charges are for postage and handling, only.)
Please mail your order, with full payment enclosed, to:
Property Rights
P. O. Box 75
Stony Creek, NY 12878

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