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Views of Willets Point on the Occasion of the Television Interview of
Michael Rikon, Attorney

May 8, 2012

All photos: Peter J. LaGrasse

Michael Rikon, the eminent domain attorney for Willets Point United, and Carol LaGrasse after the NY 1 television interview of Mr. Rikon at Willets Point on May 8, 2012.
Michael Rikon and Carol LaGrasse

Joseph Ardizzone, the only resident of Willets Point, and Carol LaGrasse on May 8, reunited outside Arthur's Auto Trim Shop on 36th Avenue, a specialty shop that does expert restoration of auto interiors.
Joseph Ardizzone and Carol LaGrasse

Frank Abassi and Nasratullah (Pamir) Mir came to stand up for the future of the Willets Point businesses again on May 8 when Michael Rikon's television interview took place. Carol LaGrasse had a chance to converse with Frank again and meet Pamir.

New Mustang Auto Parts on Willets Point Blvd. One of the bustling auto repair-related shops in Willets Point, this shop, which is owned by Frank Abassi, is well known as a source of foreign and domestic auto parts.
New Mustang Auto Parts

The Bullpen Gate to Citi Field on 126th Street, Corona, Queens. Opposite this gate is the real glory of Willets Point, all the long established auto repair-related businesses that draw people from around the area and far beyond for an unmatched concentration of sources of all that they need to repair and restore their vehicles.
Citi Field Bullpan Gate

View of Citi Field Bull Pen entrance on 126th Street across from Sambucci Auto Salvage. What's more of an eyesore, if any, Sambucci's practical, even essential operation and its good looking, concise billboard for which people are actually looking, or the massive, multi-story crowd of billboards atop the Citi Field entrance? This is the view of Citi Field from the location of Michael Rikon's television interview.
Citi Field Multi-story Billboards

Michael Rikon and Carol LaGrasse enjoying the occasion of their meeting at Willets Point on May 8, while appreciating this stronghold of hard work and freedom that he has formidably defended as their eminent domain attorney at the New York State Supreme Court Appellate Division in Brooklyn. The City of New York withdrew its papers from the court just a few days before the court hearing, which was scheduled for May 7.
Michael Rikon and Carol LaGrasse

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