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News Brief - Summer 2004:

State Senator John Bonacic Proposes Upper Delaware Greenway

Senator Bonacic has an Upper Delaware Greenway scheme. The carrot-and-stick land use control and land acquisition plan, designed once again to promote tourism, would be modeled after the State's Hudson River Greenway. A riverfront trail also poses a threat to landowners. The Bonacic-sponsored Greenway has hit a sore spot, as Long Eddy resident Noel van Swol, president of the Independent Landowners Association, pointed out in the Sullivan County Democrat in July. "Property rights are a very sensitive issue, particularly in Sullivan, Delaware, and Ulster Counties, where people have never forgotten the wholesale condemnation of towns, villages and farms for the New York City reservoir system, the steadily increasing regulation of watershed areas by both New York City and New York State, and the 20-year battle to prevent the National Park Service from condemning the entire Upper Delaware River Valley." Property in the area is already restricted by the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River and the Route 97 Scenic Byway rules.

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