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News Brief - Spring 2004:

Connecticut's Highest Court Kicks Homeowners Out for Private Development

The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled 4 to 3 on March 3, 2004 that the New London Development Corp. could take private houses for a privately owned hotel and conference center, marina and upscale housing. This economic development along the Thames River is geared to help Pfizer pharmaceuticals. Pfizer and the developers are expected to lease the land for one dollar a year, according to the web news service Justice Peter T. Zarella, one of three dissenting justices, said, "The fact that certain families have lived in their homes for decades and wish to remain should not…be summarily dismissed as part of a cost-benefit analysis." Robert M. Ward the Republican leader in the state House of Representatives, is calling for a law to prohibit the government from seizing homes for a private interest.

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