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News Brief - September 2004:

Chinese Officials and Researchers Study under Adirondack Park Agency and TNC

During September, government officials and researchers from Yunnan Province, China, spent three days touring the Adirondacks under the tutelage of the Adirondack Park Agency and The Nature Conservancy, according to a report by Ned Rauch in the Plattsburgh Press Republican on September 25. The provincial deputy director of research was quoted saying, "We would like to learn about the experiences the United States has in environmental conservation and management of its parks." The article observed that the Adirondack Park is considered a model for sustainable development and that the Chinese officials were seeking to learn about how to balance the environment with economic well-being. The article stated that private property as is known here does not exist in China, and that people live both in and around preserves, living off the land and harvesting its timber. Yet, the article noted that logging on the preserves is now outlawed. According to the article, the Chinese government plans to reduce deforestation and pollution by promoting the use of alternative energy. The article stated that the Chinese authorities intend to avoid overdevelopment by relocating some of the people who live in the preserves.

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