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News Brief - January 2001:

Church in Land Between the Lakes Recreational Area Restored as Memorial to Those Demolished by National Park Service

The Associated Press reported that a century-old Catholic church in Golden Pond, Kentucky, was restored by former residents of the Land of Lakes Recreational Area. Seven hundred families, some of whose ancestors had lived in the area since the Revolutionary War, were removed from the 170,000-acre area in western Kentucky and Tennessee when the National Park Service created its recreational area with the idea of returning the land a state from which all evidence of human habitation was removed. Somehow, when other churches were condemned, the little St. Stephen Catholic Church, built by German immigrants, was missed. "Now, St. Stephen is starting to emerge as a symbol of the culture and people whose communities were erased," according to Associated Press writer Kimberly Hefling.

(January 19, 2001)

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