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News Brief - Winter 2008:

Ministry of Brooklyn's "Green Church" Is Threatened By Community Preservationists
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, has become the scene of a nasty historic preservation battle, pitting the parishioners of the Bay Ridge United Methodist Church against vociferous members of the community. Besieged by the costs of fruitless efforts to maintain the magnificent, but crumbling, 109-year old church edifice, known locally as the "Green Church," church members have decided to sell the property to a developer and move into a smaller building, with the intention to apply the excess proceeds from the sale of the valuable property to a trust fund that will support the church's future ministry to the poor and suffering. Calling the plans "an outrage," activists want to "landmark" the building. However, according to the Brooklyn Eagle on January 24, Pastor Robert Emerick said that if the church were landmarked to stop demolition, "some children in the world will die" because the church will be unable to provide its services.

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