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News Brief - Spring 2008:

New York State's Power Plant Siting Law Expired in 2003, Passage of New Law Urged

The New York Independent System Operator, NYISO, a non-profit responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the state's electrical grid and running its wholesale power market, called for the legislature to pass a new power generation siting law in its annual report on the condition of the state's electrical system, according to the Times Union on February 24. Mark Lynch, the agency's president, pointed to surging global needs for oil and gas, as well as new environmental policies to combat climate change. The previous siting law, Article 10, which provided a fast-track that typically took twelve months for power plant siting approval, expired in 2003. However, last year, the governor and Assembly wanted to keep out nuclear plants and limit coal. Mr. Lynch believes that allowing all types of plants will encourage innovation. NYISO predicts that new power generation will be needed in New York by 2012 or 2013.

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