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News Brief - Summer 2003:

Gov. Pataki Vetoes Misleadingly Named "Canned Hunt" Bill

Upon the protests of upstate legislators, the farming community, and property rights activists, a bill to severely restrict game farming that was passed in June on the last days of the sessions of each house of the legislature, was vetoed by Governor in August. The bill (S. 2735-A) "in relation to the prohibition on canned shoots" would have made illegal any hunting of non-native species on all large preserves and commercial hunting areas. Introduced in March by Senators Padavan, Maltese, and Trunzo, the bill was quite simply worded, but apparently it slipped through the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee without scrutiny. It would have deleted the definition of "canned hunts" as pertaining to confinement within "ten acres or less" and thereby prohibited the shooting or killing of any non-native big game mammal no matter how large the confinement, even if it were thousands of acres. The bill represented an attempt to impose an extreme, intolerant anti-hunting and anti-meat consumption philosophy.

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