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News Brief - Summer 2003:

Ross Whaley Appointed to Head Adirondack Park Agency

On September 16, the New York State Senate unanimously confirmed Gov. George E. Pataki's appointment of Ross Whaley to chair the Adirondack Park Agency. The Adirondack Association of Towns and Villages had endorsed Mr. Whaley, the retired president of SUNY Syracuse College of Environment and Forestry. However, property rights activists opposed the appointment, recalling that Mr. Whaley had been one of the fourteen members of the infamous Cuomo/Berle Commission on the Adirondacks in the Twenty-first Century. The radical commission's recommendations had precipitated widespread protests during 1990, including rallies that blocked I 87, the Northway, resulting in a number of arrests. The recommendations had included 2,000-acre per house zoning, the acquisition of 654,850 acres of additional private land for the "forever wild" Forest Preserve, the mandate that new and existing houses outside hamlets be invisible from roads and canoeable waterways, and other extreme plans.

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