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News Brief - Summer 2002:

Conservative and Liberal Senators Jointly Sponsor Bill to Reform Eminent Domain

State Senators Vincent L. Liebell, a Republican/Conservative, and Suzi Oppenheimer, a Democrat, have jointly sponsored a bill (S. 7192) to mail notices to property owners under New York State's eminent domain law. Currently, it is almost impossible for property owners to realize that their property is slated for eminent domain before it is too late, because the government announcements are buried in the legal notices section of the newspaper rather than being mailed personally. Sen. Liebell chairs the Housing, Construction and Community Development Committee and Sen. Oppenheimer is the Minority Whip. Both represent parts of Westchester County, where property rights have become a big issue because of the use eminent domain to take land from one private owner to transfer it to another private owner.

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