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News Brief - Spring 2004:

Septic Restrictions Proposed to Stop Nearly All Development in the Adirondacks and Many Other Areas

An amendment to the Public Health Law would severely curtail development in the Adirondacks by restricting septic systems, according to the Hamilton County News. In an April 13, 2004 article, Pete Klein reported on the opposition by the County Board of Supervisors. The proposed regulations would require a minimum of five feet of usable soil above impermeable deposits of bedrock or clay; that the system must be more than five feet above seasonal groundwater; and that it be 200 feet from any stream, river, lake or wetland. No septic systems would be allowed on a site with a slope exceeding 15 percent. A pet Adirondack Park Agency building restriction would be formalized, namely the prohibition of raised septic systems. The article reported that the County Supervisors resolved that it "does staunchly oppose passage of Assembly Bill (A04080) and Senate Bill (S 00887) in their entirety, or in any form, the passage of which would be devastating to the economy of Hamilton County and all of rural new York state."

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