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Keynote: Wall Street Journal's John Fund on Private Property Rights—Freedom in the Balance
Tenth Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights
"The Record and the Vision" — Theme of October 14th Event

Property Rights Foundation of America will convene its Tenth Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights on Saturday, October 14, at the Holiday Inn Turf in Albany, New York. The Foundation will mark the occasion of its tenth annual gathering with noted speakers from across the United States, including grassroots activists and leaders who are making their mark on private property rights.

John Fund, the well-known author and opinion columnist from The Wall Street Journal, will deliver the keynote address on "Private Property Rights—Freedom in the Balance" during the festive luncheon celebrating the event. Among the books that John Fund has written are Stealing Elections—How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy and Regulation Through Litigation.

The day will begin with the opening address by John Taylor, the president of the Virginia Institute for Public Policy in Potomac Falls, Virginia, speaking on "The Freedom and Prosperity Agenda," following the welcoming words by Carol W. LaGrasse, the president of PRFA.

A celebratory panel on "Success in the West" will feature two nationally influential leaders. Karen Budd-Falen, an attorney in Cheyenne, Wyoming, who is recognized as a champion of ranchers, will describe Harvey Frank Robbins' successful RICO action to stop the Bureau of Land Management's extortion of a right-of-way across his private land. James K. Chilton, Jr., the owner of Chilton Ranch and Cattle Co. in Arivaca, Arizona, and a fifth generation descendant of frontier settlers, will tell how he victoriously turned the tables by using a defamation suit against the Center for Biological Diversity, which was bent on restricting his grazing allotment.

One of the nation's foremost eminent domain experts, Gideon Kanner, Professor of Law Emeritus of the Loyola Law School, will travel from Los Angeles, California, to share from his lifetime of knowledge with an address, "Eminent Domain—Where We Are, Where We've Been, and Where We Should Be Going." He is the editor of Just Compensation, a monthly periodical on the law of eminent domain, and has been active as a practicing appellate lawyer in the field of eminent domain and inverse condemnation for forty years. Prestigious awards have recognized his accomplishments in continuing legal education and his outstanding contributions to appraisal literature. In 2004, the William and Mary College School of Law established an annual award for best writing on property rights, the Brigham-Kanner Award, named for Prof. Kanner along with Toby Prince Brigham, a distinguished Florida lawyer.

The eminent domain panel will be introduced with a discussion of the current eminent domain crisis by attorney James E. Morgan of Delmar, N.Y. Assemblyman Richard L. Brodsky's legislative director, Jim Malatras, who has become familiar to conference participants as an expert on eminent domain reform in New York, will deliver an update on the status of eminent domain legislation in the State Legislature.

An afternoon panel on property rights directions in America will focus on all-pervasive land issues. Staffer Jason Knox, who specializes on land policy with the Resources Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, will deliver an update on property rights in the U.S. Congress. Fred V. Grau, Jr., whose family-owned farm and seed business Grasslyn, Inc., represents to his family's third generation engaging in seed production, will travel from State College, Pennsylvania, to warn of "Invasive Species—Regulation by Fraud." Robert J. Smith, Senior Adjunct Environmental Scholar at Competitive Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C., and the only speaker of the day who has regaled participants at PRFA's conferences since 1995, will discuss "The Endangered Species Act—Can It Be Reformed?"

For well over a decade, PRFA had led the effort to expose the danger to private property rights posed by linear parks, known as trails and greenways. Peyton Knight, Director of Environmental and Regulatory Affairs at The National Center for Public Policy Research in Washington, D.C., is now sought by Congress and organizations across the nation as one of the preeminent experts on National Heritage Areas. His speech on the final panel of the day will explode the myth of the innocence of these National Park Service-sponsored greenways. Grassroots activist Linda S. Rowley, who organized the Railroad Impact Committee of the Hilltowns in Haydenville, Massachusetts, will describe her successful effort to curtail the corruption in trail funding and the unjust use of eminent domain to build recreational trails.

Lawrence Kogan, J.D., L.L.M., of The Institute for International Trade, Standards and Sustainable Development in Princeton, New Jersey, will bring a world-wide perspective, delivering the closing address on "Private U.S. Intellectual Property Rights Under International Assault."

PRFA's nine previous successful annual conferences have established these events as top quality gatherings where people from all walks of life are inspired and informed. There is also ample time to meet and make lifelong friends in the cause of freedom. Even as the formal addresses draw to a close at 5:00 p.m., the participants will have an opportunity to meet the speakers and each other at an informal reception with light hors d'oeuvres, included in the admission price along with the light breakfast buffet, luncheon, proceedings to be published later, and the conference materials.

The registration begins at 8:00 a.m., with admission of $85.00 at the door, or $75.00 paid by mail before October 1. The event is just five to ten minutes from the Albany County Airport and Interstate 87. For more information, please telephone PRFA at (518) 696-5748 or visit the web site,

Tenth Annual Conference Program

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