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Keynote Speech: Oregon's New Regulatory Takings Compensation Law

Annual National Property Rights Conference Slated for Albany, N.Y.

Engaging Citizens to Defend Their Communities from Eminent Domain, Property Threats

The Ninth Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights is almost here. The Property Rights Foundation of America has arranged for a unique combination of nationally acclaimed property rights leaders and bold grassroots activists to present "Rules of Engagement for Defending Private Property Rights" at the Turf Holiday Inn, Albany, N.Y., on Saturday, October 22.

Hard-hitting information about the state of affairs today will set the stage for activism. The opening address by Peter Blackman of Louisa, Virginia, will lay a foundation with his analysis of the current state of property law, which he calls "The New Feudalism." The state of injustice amply illustrated by this year's Supreme Court ruling for New London, Connecticut, allowing homes and businesses to be condemned to transfer them to a private party for economic development. Robert J. Smith, the President of the Center for Private Conservation, Washington, D.C., will describe the threat presented to civilization by schemes such as the Pleistocene Park Project to "re-wild" the countryside.

However, the quest for justice is being intently and successfully pursued. Bill Moshofsky, the President of Oregonians in Action, Tigard, Oregon, will deliver the keynote address on "Regulatory Takings Compensation—The Successful Oregon Measure 37 Referendum." Another nationally respected private property rights lawyer and leader, James Burling, Senior Counsel for the Pacific Legal Foundation in Sacramento, California, will give a perspective, "Forward for Private Property Rights." Harriet Hageman of Hageman and Brighton in Cheyenne, Wyoming, will draw from her cutting edge work with a speech entitled "Litigating for Private Property Rights—A Western Perspective."

The event will feature several effective grassroots activists who are forging vigorously ahead. Jim McCulley of Lake Placid, N.Y., will describe how he is blocking the State of New York from closing a town road to return it to wilderness. Gretna Longware will tell about her campaign to save Hurricane Mountain Fire Tower, a beloved community landmark near Elizabethtown, N.Y., from the State's avaricious wilderness scheme. Activist Guy Poulin of Northville, N.Y., is planning to tell how he helped bring the Sacandaga Reservoir regulating agency back within the law when it was planning to stop access by shore owners. Devlen Mackey, a farmer from Belvidere, New Jersey, will reveal how the property owners are fighting the New Jersey Highlands preservation project. John Gile, an author from Rockford, Illinois, intends to let those gathered know about his hard-won settlement from the National Wildlife Federation, which stole his copyrighted children's book.

Michael Cristofaro, a property owner who has vowed that he will never willingly leave his condemned home in New London, will describe the vigorous local citizen organizing to defeat eminent domain. Craig Call, the Utah State Property Rights Ombudsman, will disclose federal eminent domain legislation based on his unique agency. Jim Malatras, Legislative Director for New York State Assemblyman Richard L. Brodsky, will tell about the new eminent domain reforms that the Assemblyman has in the works. Steven Anderson of the Institute for Justice in Washington, D.C., will describe grassroots organizing around the country to stop rampant eminent domain.

The conference starts at 8:00 a.m. with registration and a light breakfast buffet, and runs through the luncheon to 5:00 p.m., when attendees will gather at an informal reception including light hors d'oeuvres. Registration (includes event, materials, luncheon and buffets) is $60.00 paid in advance to the Property Rights Foundation of America, P. O. Box 75, Stony Creek, NY 12878 (518-696-5748), or $70.00 at the door.


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