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Nate Dickinson was awarded the Property Rights Foundation of America's Fifth Annual New York State Private Property Rights Defender Award. Assemblyman Bob Prentiss presented the plaque "In Recognition of his Defense of Constitutionally Guaranteed Property Rights in the State of New York."

A wildlife biologist who is retired as the New York State DEC Big Game Unit Manager, Nate Dickinson is the author of "Common Sense Wildlife Management," which was rcenetly reprinted in Mexico in Spanish. Beginning in 1995, he has contributed articles to the New York Property Rights Clearinghouse and the PRFA web site, never failing to convey that humor which is the ultimate tool to put tyrants and bureaycrats in their place.

Nate Dickinson and Assemblyman Bob Prentiss


Robert J. Smith, President, Center for Private Conservation, Washington, D.C., and recipient of PRFA's Sixth Annual Private Property Rights Advocate Award.

 Robert J. Smith


Victoria Van Etten - Assemblyman Robert G. Prentiss presented Vickie Van Etten with PRFA's First Annual Grassroots Leadership Award. A pioneer in exposing the danger to local government and private property rights posed by the Hudson River Greenway and National Heritage River designations, Vickie Van Etten has fought for twelve years to keep the federal and state governments out of local land use control. In recent years, she ahs overcome what to others would be insurmountable personal obstacles, working for private property rights and constitutional representative government from a hospital bed and a wheelchair.

 Assemblyman Prentiss and Vickie Van Etten

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