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AWARDS - 2004

Eighth Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights

PRFA's Annual Award Presentation by Carol LaGrasse (left) and National Advisory Board Member Nate Dickenson (center) to Albany County Farm Bureau President
Sheila C. Powers (second from left), to American Association of Small Property Owners President Patricia Callahan, and to Conservation Alliance of New York Regional Director Theodore E. Galusha.


Seventh Annual New York State Private Property Rights Defender Award
Presented to Sheila Powers
"In recognition of Her Defense of Constitutionally Guaranteed Private Property Rights in the State of New York"

Sheila Powers has worked longer with Carol LaGrasse on private property rights than anyone except for Carol's husband Peter. Sheila and Carol originally met at a hearing in 1984 about the upcoming New York State Uniform Building Code, which they both understood correctly would hit rural people with rules that were written for apartment dwellers and urbanites, and would thereby do great harm.
Sheila Powers has been the president of the Albany County Farm Bureau for approximately twenty years. Carol expressed the opinion that much of the New York Farm Bureau's focus on private property rights is because of Sheila Powers' influence. Sheila is a powerful debater, with a clear and beautifully applicable perspective on the significance of private property rights to specific issues. She often traces the commitment to private property rights in her area of New York back to the Palatinates who came from Germany and who were among the region's earliest inhabitants.


Eighth Annual Private Property Rights Advocate Award.
Presented to F. Patricia Callahan
"In Recognition of Her Dedication to the Preservation of Human Rights Guaranteed in the United States Constitution"

Patricia Callahan is a lawyer based in Washington, D.C., but her property rights work hasn't been as a lawyer. It has been as a leader of people who aren't often thought of as being focused on private property rights, small real estate holders and landlords. Her organization, the American Association of Small Property Owners, also includes many other small property owners throughout the country. Pat Callahan won a national award for her monthly newsletter, The Small Property Owner, which was dedicated to family-owned and managed residential and commercial properties. As a member of the National Property Rights Advisory Board of the Property Rights Foundation of America, Pat Callahan makes countless contributions to the word of PRFA. The Property Rights Advocate Award, which was inaugurated at PRFA's first annual conference, reflects Pat Callahan's blending of the humanity embodied in the high ideals of our Constitution with rights of family-owned businesses.

Third Annual Grassroots Leadership Award
Presented to Theodore A. Galusha
"In Recognition of His Dedication to Defending Private Property Rights and Constitutional Representative Government"

Ted Galusha has contributed in an outstanding and consistent way to private property rights, and has accomplished a great deal in spite of serious disadvantages. He is responsible for the handicapped access to the Adirondack Forest in the state-owned lands in New York State. Ted has pioneered and aggressively pursued, literally at risk of life and limb, his vision to assure access by people with disabilities to the New York State Forest Preserve. As the founder of Adirondackers for Access, he has been a courageous pioneer over years and years. Now Ted Galusha has also accepted another responsibility. He is the Region Five Director at Large of a new organization called the Conservation Alliance of New York. Everything that Ted has done has been entirely through his own courage and creativity, fired by devotion to the rights of other people.

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