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Pamela O'Dell of Gardiner is presented with PRFA's "Tenth Annual New York State Private Property Rights Defender Award" by Carol LaGrasse.
Marion Kells and John A. Bradley are to her left. Photo: Peter J. LaGrasse



The presentation of the awards to national leaders and grassroots activists from across the country helped make the luncheon of the Eleventh Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights an especially festive occasion. The PRFA awards, which are engraved plaques, were given just before the keynote address.

Roger Pilon Presented with the "Eleventh Annual Property Rights Advocate Award"
"I'd just like to thank Roger Pilon for all the ways that he has extended his magnanimous spirit to the Property Rights Foundation since 1995, when he delivered the splendid keynote address on the question of whether private property rights were opposed to environmental protection at our first annual conference," said Carol LaGrasse, upon presenting PRFA's "Eleventh Annual Private Property Rights Advocate Award" to Roger Pilon, J.D., Ph.D., Vice President for Legal Studies and Director of the Center for Constitutional Studies of the Cato Institute. "Probably nothing I could say would be relevant to Roger Pilon's national and international credence as a scholar of constitutional law. But I would like to express my appreciation for the degree that his scholarship has brought the meaning of the constitution to us." The award is engraved with the words "In Recognition of His Dedication to the Preservation of Human Rights Guaranteed in the United States Constitution."

William Perry Pendley Receives PRFA's First "Hero of Private Property Rights" Award
William Perry Pendley, the President and Chief Legal Officer of the Mountain States Legal Foundation, is appreciated by many, many people for the incalculable difference that he has made to the property rights and wise use movements in the United States, said Carol LaGrasse. In addition to his years of annual sojourns to Washington, D.C., to update the land rights leaders about current litigation, he wrote a book It Takes a Hero, about those who bravely fought in the land rights fronts against environmental radicalism. His new book, Warriors for the West, describes Mountain States Legal Foundation's battles in the courts for the constitutional rights of private property owners and other American citizens. In an area of intense interest to PRFA, he litigated on behalf of the late Congresswoman Helen Chenoweth to try to stop the American Heritage Rivers program. The First Annual Hero of Private Property Rights Award presented to William Perry Pendley is engraved "In recognition of His Dedication to the American Tradition of Land Rights & Private Property Rights As guaranteed in the United States Constitution."

Property Rights Defender Award Presented to Pamela O'Dell
Pamela O'Dell was recognized with PRFA's "Tenth Annual New York State Private Property Rights Defender Award" for her untiring work to resist the assault on private property ownership by land preservationists in the region of Gardiner in the Shawangunk Ridge region of the Catskill Mountains in Ulster County. Bill and Marion Kells of Wallkill, who have devoted decades of work for private property rights in that region, joined Pamela O'Dell on the platform for the presentation. After co-founding Gardiner Residents for Individual Property Rights (GRIP), Pamela O'Dell and Marion Kells exposed the costs to the taxpayer of Gardiner's $1.5 million open space bond issue. John A. Bradley of the Awosting Reserve, a noted conservationist, joined in with the presentation of the award to Ms. O'Dell, which is engraved "In Recognition of Her Defense of Constitutionally Guaranteed Private Property Rights in The State of New York."

Marshall Sayegh Recognized
PRFA's "Sixth Annual Grassroots Leadership Award – The West"
was presented to Marshall Sayegh, a California businessman, "In Recognition of His Dedication to Defending Private Property Rights & Constitutional Representative Government. The award recognizes his boundless enthusiasm, coupled with devotion to his community, which have combined to enable him to solve problems and benefit his hometown of Gualala, California. Mr. Sayegh co-founded the Gualala Commercial Property Owners Association and took the lead to stop the assault of irrational environmental regulations on his community. Understanding the genesis of federal regulation, he expanded his trip to the PRFA conference in New York to make a circle to Washington, D.C., to meet with his U.S. Senator and Member of Congress.

Devlen Mackey, New Jersey Farmer, Honored
Devlen Mackey has been instrumental in organizing farmers in northern New Jersey to resist on an emergency basis the preservationist regional zoning imposed under the New Jersey Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act passed by the legislature four years ago. Susan Buck, one of the many local leaders and activists involved in the Highlands issue, joined him on the platform. By presenting Devlen Mackey with the "Sixth Annual Grassroots Leadership Award—Northeast" PRFA honored him for his leadership in bringing together many farmers who are working in the Highlands Conservation Association and wished them success in their challenging legal work and wider efforts to reach out with the truth about the New Jersey Highlands.

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