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American Eagle Bookends Presented to John S. Marwell and James E. Morgan in Appreciation for Their Service to the Cause of Private Property Rights
John Marwell and Jim Morgan create a moment of hilarity pretending to share a single set of American eagle bookends when Carol LaGrasse ceremoniously held up only one set of bookends and asked both lawyers to come to the podium to accept a gift of appreciation. The brass bookends were from the Congressional gift shop at the Longworth House Office Building in Washington, D.C.

John S. Marwell is Founding Member of Shamberg Marwell Davis & Hollis, P.C., in Mt. Kisco in Westchester County. As a staunch advocate for private property rights, Mr. Marwell is one of the leading experts and litigators on zoning law in the State of New York. He is also an innovative, effective legislative advocate for private property rights at the local and state level.

James E. Morgan, Principal in Galvin and Morgan in Delmar, has devoted his practice to some of the most difficult property rights litigation in the State, including pioneering litigation to defend property owners from an imposed conservation easement. He has taken cases that other attorneys have exhausted and recently advanced one such seemingly hopeless case, that of Tim Jones vs. the Adirondack Park Agency, so consistently that when an appeal was made, Gov. Paterson intervened and ordered the APA to grant a permit to Mr. Jones after 21 years.

James Morgan and John Marwell have spoken many times at the Annual National Property Rights Conferences and have helped PRFA advance the cause of property rights for many years.

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