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Our Inalienable Heritage — Property Rights Around the Nation

Seventh Annual New York Conference on Private Property Rights

Turf Holiday Inn
Albany, New York

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Assemblyman Robert G. Prentiss, Carol W. LaGrasse,
Jeremy Chen and Sheila Galvin.

Aloysius Hogan at the podium.

James Morgan — Panel Chair — Prospects for Our Heritage
of Private Property Rights.

Jay H. Lehr.

Attendees at the conference choose from a selection of PRFA's publications.

Don Parmeter delivers the Opening Address — Changing the Way
We Govern Ourselves.

Alvin Sabo, Ted Galusha, Andrew Langer, Carol LaGrasse,
James Morgan and Aloysius Hogan.

Stuart R. Shamberg and Carol LaGrasse.

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