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Conference Participants
Property Rights Foundation of America
Ninth Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights
October 22, 2005

Photos: Peter J. LaGrasse


Grassroots Leaders Fire Away

John Salvador, local government watchdog and taxpayer activist of Lake George, N.Y.,
addresses conference panel from floor with a question about eminent domain.


Robert Young of Wethersfield, Connecticut, who leads a statewide network of property rights
and taxpayer activists, adds some expertise from the floor about the state financing of the
eminent domain by cities such as New London.


Conference Hall at the Turf Holiday Inn, Albany, New York

Conference participants have gathered are listening intently to author and attorney
Peter Blackman's opening address about "Property Law Today—The New Feudalism."


Recap and Refresh at Day's End

Tom Miller, Mary Osgood, Bob Case, Claude & Louisette Lecours, and Susan Allen
at foreground table (counter-clockwise from left).


Representing the New London Team Battling Eminent Domain

Steven D. Anderson of the Institute for Justice, Washington, D.C., and
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cristofaro, New London property owners,
enjoy the support at the conference for their great cause for justice.


Friends Reunited

Carol LaGrasse with her good friends Lawrence and Amy Lloyd of East Durham, N.Y.,
who have worked together in the cause of private property rights for many years.


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