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Thirteenth Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights
Photo Gallery

Albert and Joan Wassenhove. All photos: Peter J. LaGrasse

Claude and Louisette Lecours

Carol LaGrasse and Joe Rota. Joe, who was chairman and the executive director of the Adirondack Park Local Government Review Board for 25 years. He presented Carol with 2010 Calendar of SS United States, in honor of the restoration for the beautiful vessel, where Joe was once captain of the bellhops.

Father Nellis Tremblay, the retired pastor of the Church of St. Cecelia.

Ted and Robin Galusha, with Robert Young in the foreground.

Carol LaGrasse welcoming the crowd.

The APA map, where Peter drafted recent large state acquisitions,
demonstrating how the Biosphere Reserve vision of one great Adirondack
"Core Area"
of no human habitation is being realized.

The view from a typical room at the Holiday Inn Turf at Lake George.

Ted Galusha

Jim McCulley and Mike Velegi

Pamela O'Dell, Robert Antoine and Bob Zimmer

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