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Fifteenth Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights

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October 29, 2011
Century House, Latham, New York

Photos: Peter J. LaGrasse

Part II


Elizabeth Nickson
"How the Environmental Movement Broke the Rural Economy"

Elizabeth Nickson

Morning Address

Elizabeth Nickson
Writer and International Journalist
Salt Spring Island, British Columbia
"How the Environmental Movement Broke the Rural Economy"

Elizabeth Nickson begins her PowerPoint presentation with a view of the spectacular beauty of Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.

Ms. Nickson described her family's deep roots in U.S.A. soil. Her great great great great great grandfather's family arrived in 1530 and founded Windsor, Connecticut. The Phelps Gorham Purchase in Massachusetts was the largest in history. This was a state-sponsored "clearance" (Ms. Nickson's chosen word) of 12,000 to 25,000 Indians on 6,000,000 acres, she observed. The plats with their lots and ranges formed the template for all the plats, lots and ranges of future purchases in the colonies. Plats were the only state-imposed land planning until the twentieth century, she said.




The consequences of preserving pristine nature, from Elizabeth Nickson's presentation

The evacuation of six tribes in northern Thailand for a national park




No-use or limited-use for 650 million acres in the U.S.

From one of the many sources displayed by Ms. Nickson at the conference.

Clearances of people from their land in the U.S. and Canada




The disastrous consequences to the health of the land because of the removal of productive American people from the forests.

"Despite the propaganda, nothing thrives in old growth forest," Ms. Nickson said.

The Forest Service is desperately in need of the billions of dollars lost because almost no logging is permitted on the federal lands, Ms. Nickson observed.




The elk and antelope are gone.

The result of government policy today, according to Ms. Nickson: "Shut down productive forests: Log four times as much less productive land."




Visitors don't use the Redwood National Park, just the beach and campgrounds, she said. 90% is closed to visitors.

Crescent City in Northern California is where Redwood National Park is located. Payments in lieu of taxes are ten years in arrears.

Localities squeezed out of property taxes.

The California Department of Fish and Game will not make payments in lieu of property taxes to Del Norte County, which has its offices in Crescent City.




Land trusts grew from 53 in 1950 to 1,667 in 2005.

Conservation easements grew exponentially from 128,000 acres in 1980 to 6,246,000 acres in 2005.




Ms. Nickson points to the inevitable results of depriving indigenous people of the land.

Map of U. S. Army's staged land acquisition in southeastern Colorado

Ms. Nickson pointed out that the Army wants to acquire virtually all of this corner of Colorado and now owns 224,000 acres. They want two to three million acres. To acquire this land, "the Army is in business with The Nature Conservancy," Ms. Nickson said. One wonderful woman said that "the buzzards were flying around her house."



Elizabeth Nickson's new book

Eco-Fascists: How Radical Conservationists Are Destroying Our National Heritage
By Elizabeth Nickson (Harper Collins 2012)
Book review by Susan Allen

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