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Fifteenth Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights

Property Rights Foundation of America, Inc.

October 29, 2011
Century House, Latham, New York

Photos: Peter J. LaGrasse

Part IV

Afternoon Panel

"Environmentally Sound Energy for the Future"
Introduction by Ms. LaGrasse

Mike Miller, P.E. Petroleum Engineer
Sr. Vice President, Oil & Gas Division,
Marshall Miller and Associates, Kingsport, Tennessee
"Pros and Cons of Marcellus Shale"

Mike Miller, P.E., delivers a speech on the "Pros and Cons of Marcellus Shale" at the Fifteenth Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights.


The following photographs are of Mike Miller's PowerPoint presentation:


A drilling operation in the Marcellus Shale

Pros of Marcellus Shale gas production


Possible disadvantages of Marcellus Shale gas production

Components of United States' 100.9 Quadrillion Btu Energy Supply, with the Renewable Energy further broken out.


U. S. Natural Gas Production Forecast (2011)

World Organic Shale Basins


Lower 48 states shale plays

Why are shales now in the news?


Regional Oil and Gas History

Marcellus Shale Facts


Utica Shale Facts

Hydraulic Fracturing


Hydraulic Fracturing (cont'd)

Typical Marcellus Frac Details


Fracing Safety

Fracing Risks


University of Texas - Arlington
Barnet Shale Development

Water use in Energy Development

Shale gas production has the lowest water consumption, at 0.6 to 1.8 gallons per MM Btu, whereas ethanol production's water consumption is the second from the worst, at between 2,510 to 29,100 gallons per MM Btu.


Components besides water in the fracing fluid

Recovered Treatment Water


Landowner Benefits from Marcellus Shale Gas Production

Shale Development Summary


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Jonathan P. Knauth

Photo Report Part V
Jonathan P. Knauth, P.E.
Engineering—Management, Sauquoit, N.Y.
"Wind Energy Facts"


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