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Sixteenth Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights

October 20, 2012
Century House, Latham, New York

Conference Photos: Peter J. LaGrasse
Presentation Displays: Robert LoScalzo

Part II

The Battle to Save the Community of
Willets Point, Queens County, New York City

Robert LoScalzo,
spokesman for Willets Point United
delivers illustrated talk on
"The Corruption of Eminent Domain."
Robert LoScalzo


A Willets Point Business Owner, with employees and family outside a successful muffler shop


Photo Display of Willets Point Leaders —
Irene Prestigiacomo (right), Joseph Ardizzone (upper right),
and Northern Blvd. Sunoco Gas Station's owner (center)
Willets Point Leaders


Montage of Willets Point rallies and photos of business people & families
Willets Point


Aerial View of New York City's conceptual plan for redevelopment west of Citi Field, with proposed retail center where a City park currently exists, and east, to erase Willets Point.
Redevelopment plan for Willets Point


Shame on New York City Department of Transportation
The abysmal condition of Willets Point Blvd., lacking City maintenance
for at least forty years.
Shame on NYCDOT


Architect's Rendering of City Planner's Concept
for the Future of 126th Street—

Citi Field (Met's stadium) shown on left, future high-end redevelopment on right. None of the redevelopment imagined in the rendering photographed here has been planned, and no proposals submitted to New York City.
Concept for Willets Point


New York City's Plan for Phase I Acquisition of Western Part of Willets Point Bounded by 126th Street and Roosevelt Avenue.


Key Points Argued Against Willets Point Eminent Domain 2011-2012
Willets Point United's summary of the key legal points that they raised in their petition appealing the New York City's Eminent Domain action.

Robert LoScalzo points to New York City's architectural rendering of an aerial view, looking northward, of the City's conceptual vision of
redevelopment east and west of Citi Field.


Architect's rendering of Phase 1 of redevelopment east and west of Citi Field stadium —
View northward showing Citi Field at the center, retail development where a park and some parking currently exists to the west, and, on the right (to the east), upscale housing and hotels replacing much of the community of Willets Point, which New York City has threatened with eminent domain. Flushing Bay dominates the view to the north.


Joseph Ardizzone expresses appreciation to the Property Rights Foundation of America, Inc., for its amicus curiae brief in support of the Willets Point United petitioners.
The friend of the court brief, which Mr. Ardizzone held up to show the audience, was submitted to the Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court on December 14, 2011.
Joseph Ardizzone


Plaque in appreciation which was presented to John S. Marwell, Esq., of Shamberg Marwell & Hollis PC, Mt. Kisco, New York, for his counsel for the brief of amicus curiae submitted by the Property Rights Foundation of America, Inc., in support of the property owners and businesses of Willets Point against the eminent domain action by the City of New York.

An eloquent letter from David E. Hawkins, of Counsel with
Jeremy C. Marwell for the amicus curiae brief, of Vinson & Elkins LLP
of Washington, D.C., was read at the conference.

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