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A Preview: Let's Aim for Ten More Years!
PRFA's Eleventh Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights

Year after year, people who are new to PRFA's annual national conferences on private property rights, are amazed and inspired at the leadership and quality of the speakers, the wealth of knowledge that is presented, and the experience of being in a place where everyone is united to support private property rights.

The 2007 conference will soon take place for one packed day at the Turf Holiday Inn, Albany, N.Y., on Saturday, October 13. New battles confront private property rights, the core that underpins our freedom. Taking on these new realities, our theme is "Forging Ahead for Private Property Rights." This event is so important to our cause because we need the latest information about private property rights issues. Together, we can set agendas and plan how to be successful.

The exciting day is guaranteed to be an unmatched value for the time and expense invested. The hand-picked speakers will come from the national leadership in defending private property rights— legal crusaders, brilliant thinkers, influential policy makers, principled business people, and creative grassroots activists. Every year, the wonderful people who have come to the conference exclaim afterwards that there should have been one thousand people present.

PRFA'S Eleventh Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights is the only annual grassroots national event devoted entirely to private property rights. This fall we are launching another ten years of annual gatherings with speakers who are tireless in promoting private property rights locally, nationally, and internationally.

Keynote and Opening Address

William Perry Pendley, Esq., the President and Chief Legal Officer of Mountain States Legal Foundation in Lakewood, Colorado, will deliver the keynote address about the wide range of legal activism for private property rights and land issues for which he is nationally esteemed. His latest book, about the legal battles of Mountain States Legal Foundation, is Warriors for the West, which he will be autographing.

Internationally noted constitutional scholar Roger Pilon, Ph.D., J.D., Vice President for Legal Studies and director of the Center for Constitutional Studies at Cato Institute, Washington, D.C., will address the conference about "The Supreme Court's Protection of Private Property Rights: The Founders' Dream, the Owner's Nightmare." His exciting return after delivering the memorable keynote address at our first annual conference, promises to made his opening address unforgettable.

A Full Day Ahead

Experts from New York will lead off the main body of the conference. Important new directions facing property owners and businesses include coordinated attempts involving the environmental movement to redefine navigable waterways and heavy-handed tactics by environmental groups to foist so-called "green" practices on corporations.

Noted property rights attorney and expert on navigable waterways and trespass issues, John S. Marwell, Esq., of Shamberg Marwell Davis & Hollis, Nt. Kisco, N.Y., will speak about "The Navigable Waterways Controversy." Mr. Marwell has been at the center of the resistance to coordinated effort by the Sierra Club, the state environmental department, legal scholars, state attorney general, state police and the legislature against owners of land beneath waterways.

Tom Borelli, Ph.D., Portfolio Manager at Free Enterprise Action Fund, New York, N.Y., will address the subject, "Shareholders Challenge Squandering of Corporate Assets." The Free Enterprise Action Fund has been working to stop corporate waste and mismanagement caused by kowtowing to demands of environmental organizations.

The morning will also feature leaders in the frontlines against regional landscape preservation. Devlen Mackey, the owner of Mackey Orchards in Belvidere, N.J., will return after two years to report on the bold organizational tactics that landowners are taking to challenge the legality of the New Jersey Highlands Commission, a new regional zoning agency that is stripping the value from rural private property.

Marshall Sayegh, a successful businessman and vibrant community leader, is traveling from Gualala, California, to speak about "Twenty-first Century Carpetbaggers and Privateers: The Booty is Your Property." He will tell how local grassroots leaders are facing the challenge of holding back the combined effects of California's unsurpassed regulatory state and the federal government.

Noted Afternoon Speakers

After the luncheon, Panel III will feature speakers who are breaking through the deception that fosters infringements on private property rights. An essential part of the challenge to radical preservation is exposing the truth about the environmental causes and their advocacy organizations.

John Berlau, a scholar at the Competitive Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C., is the author of a book entitled Eco-Freaks and will be sharing the powerful insights he's documented. He will also be signing his book at the Authors' Reception, along with William Perry Pendley signing Warriors for the West.

Environmental scholar Robert J. Smith, now affiliated with the National Center for Private Policy Research, is the only person who has addressed every one of PRFA's national conferences on private property rights. A noted expert on "private conservation," a term that he coined, he will compare "Real vs. Counterfeit Private Conservation."

Because international influences are increasingly affecting private property rights in U.S., the day's events will reach beyond our national borders with the final panel of noteworthies.

Teresa Platt, the executive director of the Fur Commission USA in Coronado, California, is one of the country's top leaders in countering the violence inflicted by animal rights advocates. She will address the topic of "Defeating International Animal Rights and Eco-Terrorism."

Lawrence Kogan, Esq., J.D., LLM, CEO of the Institute for International Trade, Standards and Sustainable Development (ITSSD), who won the hearts of attendees last year with his down-to-earth explanations of sophisticated internationalist threats to private property rights in the U.S., will bring the latest information in his address "International Threats to Private Property Rights."

Closing Address

Peyton Knight, Director of Environmental and Regulatory Affairs at The National Center for Public Policy Research in Washington, D.C., is called on regularly to testify before Congress on the contentious National Heritage Area designations. As the National Park Service considers a new round of nominations to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, he is addressing this potential threat to private property rights and national sovereignty. His closing address, "Getting the Truth Out: National and International Land Use Planning in the U.S," is likely to disclose breaking news about World Heritage Sites.

The packed day will begin at 8:00 a.m. with the Author's Reception and Book-Signing during the Registration and Light Breakfast Buffet. The Keynote Address and Awards Presentation make the full course Luncheon a festive occasion, with still more time to meet with friends and speakers. As the formal addresses draw to a close at 5:00 p.m., the participants will have an opportunity to talk with the speakers and each other at an Informal Reception with light hors d'oeuvres. All is included in the admission price along the proceedings to be published later, and the conference materials and free generous literature on display.

The Turf Holiday Inn on Wolf Road is just five to ten minutes from the Albany International Airport and Interstate 87, the Northway. When contacting the Turf Holiday Inn (518-458-7250), please request the special rate for PRFA conference attendees (applicable until September 21). The Conference admission is $85.00 at the door, or $75.00 paid by mail before October 1. For more information, please telephone PRFA at (518) 696-5748 or visit the web site,


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