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Ninth Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights
October 22, 2005

Photos: Peter J. LaGrasse


The Opening Speakers

Left to right:
John Gile, Author, Rockford, Illinois — "Successful Copyright Defense against the National Wildlife Federation"; Peter Blackman, Author & Attorney, Louisa, Virginia — Opening Address — "Property Law Today"; Carol W. LaGrasse, President, Property Rights Foundation of America — Welcome — "Rules of Engagement"; Harriet M. Hageman, Attorney, Hageman & Brighton, Cheyenne, Wyoming — "Litigating for Private Property Rights—A Western Perspective."
Gile - Blackman - LaGrasse - Hageman


Grassroots Leaders:
"Citizen Action to Defend our Property Rights and Local Traditions"

Carol W. LaGrasse—Panel Chair; James McCulley, Lake Placid, N.Y.—"Court Battle to Protect Old Mountain Road from State Wilderness"; Gretna Longware, Elizabethtown, N.Y.—"The Campaign to Save Hurricane Mountain Fire Tower"; Devlen Mackey, Mackey Orchards, Belvidere, New Jersey—"Organizing Against the New Jersey Highlands Preservation"; Guy Poulin, Northville, N.Y.—"Organizing Successfully Against the Sacandaga Reservoir Regulating District."

LaGrasse - McCulley - Longware - Mackey - Poulin


National Leaders Speak:
Keynote Address-"Regulatory Takings Compensation"
& "Threats and Directions to Strengthen Property Rights"

Robert J. Smith, Adjunct Environmental Scholar, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Washington, D.C.—"Pleistocene Park Project"; Bill Moshofsky, President, Oregonians in Action—Keynote—"Regulatory Takings Compensation"; James S. Burling, Senior Counsel, Pacific Legal Foundation—"Forward for Private Property Rights"; Mark Bragg, Washington, D.C.—"Endangered Species Act Victims."
Smith - Moshofsky - Burling - Bragg



Declaring War on Unjust Eminent Domain

Steven D. Anderson, Castle Coalition Coordinator, Institute for Justice, Washington, D.C.—"Eminent Domain Reforms at Every Level"; Craig M. Call, Utah State Property Rights Ombudsman, Salt Lake City, Utah—"National Property Rights Ombudsman Legislation";
Carol W. LaGrasse; James E. Morgan, Attorney, Galvin & Morgan, Delmar, N.Y.—Panel Chair; Michael Cristofaro, New London property owner—"Local Citizen Organizing to Defeat Eminent Domain"; Jim Malatras, Legislative Director to New York State Assemblyman
Richard L. Brodsky—"New York State Legislative Reform."
Anderson - Call - LaGrasse - Morgan - Cristofaro - Malatras

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