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1. Black River boat/fishing access upstream from the City of Watertown.

OPRHP will be building a cartop access at the upper end of the impoundment.

2. The current boat launch facility (OPRHP) at Chaumont needs improved access signage on the highway and some enhancement of the ramp and parking facility.

A new entrance sign was installed on Route 12E in the summer 2000. Defendants commit to improve the ramp and parking facility. Cost: approximately $40,000.


1. Improved access roadways at the Oriskany Flats WMA, i.e. bringing roads up to grade, additional fill, etc.

Defendants commit to make the necessary improvements, including constructing 1.5 miles of access roads, replacing or repairing one large culvert bridge, replacing one smaller culvert and rebuilding a farm access road. Cost: approximately $200,000.



1. Improved access and signage to Moshier Falls, Pepperbox Wilderness.

Defendants commit to improve the road to the current Moshier parking below the Stillwater dam, and improve the parking lot. Cost: approximately $30,000.

2. improved access to Sis Lake and Bubb Lake with improved parking on Route 28.

Defendants commit to work with DOT to expedite the improvement to parking on Route 28, comprised of a paved 4-5 car parking area adjacent to Route 28.

3. The Bear Creek Road should be opened for public vehicular access to state lands.

This road is already open for 3.1 miles into the Forest Preserve (Black River Wild Forest). Its name is Mill Creek Road once it enters Forest Preserve.


1. Improved access to the Soft Maple Flow of the Beaver River.

As part of the settlement of this litigation, Defendants commit to construct a cartop boat launch at the Soft Maple Reservoir. Cost: approximately $15,000.

2. Improved access and signage to:

Long Pond
Rock Pond
Trout Pond aka Trout Lake
Round Pond

The following has improved and will continue to improve access and signage: a new FWMA agreement has been signed with the Future Farmers of America, purchase of lands from Champion will provide public access to some of these waters, and in 1999 a new canoe/small boat access site for persons with disabilities was developed adjacent to the West Branch of the Oswegatchie which will provide access to Mud and Rock ponds.

3. Improve Big Otter Lake access road.

As part of the settlement of this litigation, Defendants will propose and support through the UMP process to improve/upgrade this road. Cost: approximately $30,000.



1. Towns of Colton, Church Pond access trail from State Route 56 requires better signage and roadside parking.

To be addressed in the UMP process, due to begin in January 2002.

2. Town of Clare/Colton, Stone Dam Forest Preserve tract requires better signage, vehicular access and parking.

As part of the settlement of this litigation, Defendants commit to develop a brochure for the Long Pond tract that identifies the access to the Stone Dam tract.

3. Town of Pitcairn, Aldrich Pond Wild Forest requires better signage and a parking area at the end of the Powell Road.

The Powell Road has been upgraded through to the forest preserve boundary so the forest preserve lands there are now much more accessible. As part of the settlement of this litigation, Defendants commit to upgrade parking lot at this location. Cost: approximately $10,000.

4. Towns of Colton/Piercefield regarding Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. lands. Improved access signage in those areas not immediately adjacent to public roadways.

As part of the settlement of this litigation, Defendants commit to improve access signage and develop a brochure providing information concerning these areas.

5. Town of Depeyster, Mud Lake improved access across existing state land and parking.

As part of the settlement of this litigation, Defendants commit to expend funds necessary for road improvements, a parking lot and signage. Cost: approximately $25,000.

6. Towns of Hermon/Russell, access to and fishing rights on Elm Creek consistent with DEC Fisheries determining if renewed brown trout management would be viable.

As part of the settlement of this litigation, Defendants commit to do a survey with respect to this item.

7. Towns of Rossie/Gouverneur, access to the Oswegatchie River for boating/fishing from Wegatchie to Elmdale.

A small boat launch built in Oxbow (is in Jeff. County but on this stretch of river). Defendants commit to making purchase of access to the Oswegatchie River at Elmdale a priority.

8. Towns of Waddington, Louisville, ensure continued access to state owned and NYPA lands for hunting, fishing and trapping on and adjacent to the St. Lawrence River.

Discussions are ongoing with the New York Power Authority about this and DEC's position is in support of this access issue.

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