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Yes, Our President Has a Clear Mandate and the Will of the People Must Be Heeded

One has to go no further than their Merriam-Webster Dictionary to come to this conclusion. According to this respected work, mandate is defined as authoritative command and the authorization to act given to a representative. Undoubtedly, the presidential election of 2004 qualifies. George W. Bush was the clear choice in 31 of the 50 states of this great nation. Overall ha received an impressive 53 percent of the popular vote.

The extent of the mandate becomes even more apparent when a map showing the so-called red and blue states is examined. A copy of the outline map of all the counties is even more striking.

Now is the time to take fullest advantage of this mandate, and it appears that our leader is anxious to proceed. Much needs to be done to make sense of programs involving taxes, health care and insurance, tort reform, national security; among many others. The trend has been to expand the scope and role of government without realistic analyses of problems and needs, and most importantly an objective, honest interpretation of the Constitution.

However, the area that has been most neglected by the current administration involves so-called environmental matters. For some reasons or other there has been a reluctance to confront and challenge the ultra-liberal, extremely well-heeled environmental movement which employs bad science, practices deception, and plays on human emotions. In addition they are major players in the implementation of decidedly un-American notions and programs that can be referred to as social engineering, rural and urban cleansing, and smart growth. Obviously, the main goal is to increase their control over people's lives and their property.

A review of a few of the major environmental issues will illustrate the intrusive and ludicrous nature of the left wing movement. It is assumed that their stance on each is well known.

Global Warming — There is no question that climatic changes should be monitored, and this has effectively been addressed. Although there are some questionable researchers who disagree, the logical conclusion is that there are minor fluctuations from year to year, but no discernible trends exist. Exceptions are when El Niño exerts its influence.

Acid Rain — Whether people like it or not, naturally-occurring rain is decidedly acidic. Obviously, there is little that can be done about this. Why then the promotion of programs and adoption of regulations at great expense to the public?

Endangered Species — A multitude of programs at the national and state levels have been concocted, without adequate determination of status, and problems and needs. Many deal with species on decidedly marginal range or actually involve subspecies or races. They all tend to be short on common sense. Since they do have such an impact on people's lives, livelihoods and, of course, their well-defined property rights, all programs must be subjected to thorough scrutiny, with drastic changes being made.

National Forests — Would you believe that the original enabling legislation specified that these forests were to guarantee a future supply of timber? They were not to be wilderness areas. In respect to lands in this totally wild character, how much is enough and for what?

Oil Drilling — Considering the problems associated with the dependence on foreign oil, would it not be sensible to drill on public lands, such as ANWR and various offshore sites, as long as there are no significant conflicts with other interests and values? In respect to the Arctic Refuge, no real conflicts with indigenous wildlife species or their habitats have been accurately identified. The fauna are not glass figurines.

This obviously is a very abbreviated list of issues that presently tend to be under the control of the environmentalists and experience shows they have been continually dreaming up more. These radicals undoubtedly desire to gain more and more power and control to further their agenda, which has a distinctive totalitarian taint. The various environmental groups must not only be challenged, but their influence must be greatly diminished. And, yes, the President definitely has the mandate.

Conservation certainly should be a responsibility of our government. It must be borne in mind, however, that the correct definition of conservation is wise use. Wise use should be made of all natural resources, including the human brain. The brain should not be preserved in formaldehyde, but rather left out in the open air to grow and produce outstanding results. Unfortunately, the environmental movement has found the general public to be easy prey to their brainwashing.

For those who do not agree with the preceding discussion, it is suggested that they load up their vehicles with camping gear, proceed through the red states, travel the backroads, visit the multitude of small communities, converse with real people, and see what this great country is all about.

A final message to our distinguished President — go for it. You are confronted with a great opportunity to positively alter the course of events.

Nate Dickinson
November 10, 2004

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