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December 1, 2006

Dear Friend:

We're on our own. Now that the air has cleared and we know how few friends we have in the Congress, our work together to restore private property rights and to defend the American tradition of private land ownership means more than ever.

But the courage and creativity of participants in the work of the Property Rights Foundation of America is splendid.

As you know, the closer that all forms of government are to the people, the more ability that the people have to influence the decisions that affect them. Congress may have turned its back on us, but grassroots leaders in their local areas continue to succeed. Their courage contrasts markedly with the cowardice of the so-called federal "leadership" that has been afraid to stand up for the rights guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution.

To mention some excellent examples, local citizens, inspired by PRFA, are defeating large-lot preservation zoning, stopping wetland ordinances, preventing arbitrary restrictions on commercial farming, trumping the land trusts by informing each other about conservation easements, and gathering a constituency against government acquisition of land for wilderness.

People are at their wits end when they telephone or e-mail PRFA. They don't know where to turn but have heard about us through the internet or a friend. They are often not only grateful, but also amazed, to find a sympathetic ear to discuss the property rights infringement that they are enduring, as well as give them practical direction.

The key to the outcome of all these inquiries is the need that each person recognize the source of the injustice. If the person faces a local imposition, there is a lot of knowledge to start with, but, if the problem stems from state or federal impositions, many people have no knowledge with which to start. They commonly do not know the name of their state or federal representatives!

At the end of a telephone call or e-mail, when people are asked to telephone or write their representative, only a fraction of people will promise to do this. As I have written in the past, even though such individuals have been rudely awakened out of their apathy, they are actually afraid to contact the government officials that are elected to represent them.

But many remarkable people who are working with PRFA do indeed make a practice of writing, telephoning, and visiting their representatives. They are in the vanguard as citizens.

Among these people are real heroes, individuals who have not been subjected to property rights infringements, but who deeply love our country and the freedoms that are our heritage. Copies of their letters to Members of Congress, newspaper clippings about them challenging a land use control program, newspaper photos of them speaking out against taxes for land preservation, and many other communications are a constant inspiration.

You can be sure that the citizens who are working so closely with the Property Rights Foundation of America to promote private property rights are in it for the long haul. They are not quitting just because things look bleak at the federal level. Not only will they continue to be involved with the federal issues, but they will continue to forcefully exert their free speech rights at every opportunity—from the federal and the state level, and right down to the local county, city, village and town government.

And PRFA will redouble its efforts to reach out to inform people about property rights issues facing our country at every level.

With your help, our distinct role in such successful efforts as bringing to a halt any new UNESCO Biosphere Reserve designations, our leadership in standing for private land ownership—meaning against government/non-profit acquisition of land and conservation easements, our practical assistance to local activists against preservation zoning, our face-off against preservationist land designations, our heartfelt efforts to preserve the rural way of life, and our stance with aggrieved property owners facing every sort of property rights injustice from eminent domain to arrest for having a few old cars on their property will not be diminished.

I hope that you are proud of our work together. We have carried the mission of PRFA from a hopeful plan in 1994 to a solid record of accomplishments as we reach the last weeks of 2006. Our Tenth Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights on October 14 at the Holiday Inn Turf in Albany was a stellar property rights event, a celebration of our beliefs and vision.

As you know, much of our effort is volunteered, meaning that our costs are far less than would be expected for an organization with our sphere of activity. Your financial support for PRFA goes a long way. Yet, we could extend our work to promote private property rights much further if funds permitted.

Please keep in mind that PRFA has been recognized by the IRS with 501.c(3) status for donation purposes.

We greatly need your help to make our work more successful. As the year draws to a close, please contribute as generously as you can to the Property Rights Foundation of America.

Please accept my humble thanks for your devotion to private property rights.


Carol W. LaGrasse

A copy of the latest annual financial report of the Property Rights Foundation of America, Inc. may be obtained from the organization or from the Office of the Attorney General, Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 10271.

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