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The right to own private property is a fundamental American freedom that
guarantees personal liberty and promotes economic prosperity.



August 24, 2009

Dear Friend:

Greetings from Stony Creek!

This letter will be short and simple. Over the years, all of our fund-raising efforts have been combined with letters that focus on concepts and information that were selected to be important to you in defending private property rights and letting you know what PRFA is doing. This letter will be different.

We need your help. Our newsletter, our web site, our annual conference, our publications, our outreach, the almost countless replies to requests for information and assistance related to local and personal property rights issues, even our ability to respond to requests for testimony and information from the halls of Congress, the Legislature and the media, all depend on the generosity of our contributors.

No matter how much time is contributed by volunteers, there would be no PRFA without the generosity of you and many others.

PRFA is not endowed. We have always operated on what most people would call a proverbial "shoestring." But we do need to have at least that shoestring. We'd like to have much more than that to fully activate the abilities that we have at hand and to further expand.

Think of all of our roster of exceptional accomplishments and our unique work these fifteen years. Then imagine the even greater difference we could make with greater support.

PRFA needs your most generous help.

The IRS recognizes the Property Rights Foundation of America, Inc., as a 501(c)(3) organization, with tax deductible status for contributions.

Please send back the enclosed envelope with your contribution as soon as possible. Every donation is deeply appreciated.


Carol W. LaGrasse


A copy of the latest annual financial report of the Property Rights Foundation of America, Inc. may be obtained from the organization or from the Office of the Attorney General, Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 10271.

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