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The right to own private property is a fundamental American freedom that
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December 6, 2010

Dear Friend:

One of the joys of being president of the Property Rights Foundation of America, Inc., is hearing from people all over the United States who are devoted to freedom. I love to talk about private property rights with the men and women who contact PRFA. It is exciting to delve into a situation with a new caller and find that a seeming conundrum has a number of openings where the issue can be tackled, especially knowing the network of experts and grassroots leaders throughout the country who are often willing to pitch in with us and help. And it is inspiring to hear from our supporters with their beautiful words of encouragement and heartfelt contributions, along with a continuing stream of valuable information.

Virtually every day something arrives in the U.S. Mail that brings with it a positive feeling about the effectiveness of our information. For instance, someone sends an article from the local newspaper that relates to a type of threat to private property rights that we were able to warn about, even years earlier. A recent example was a clipping sent here that was about a Nature Conservancy campaign to supposedly preserve farmland, but the land happens to be within a planned interstate wilderness corridor through villages and farms that the environmental groups have been quietly promoting. The man who sent the article became an articulate local opponent of the preservation scheme.

I am writing to give you an idea in just a very small way of how much your generosity and participation mean. Your kindness and commitment are entirely voluntary, which is the beauty of this organization. Together we make a formidable team.

Your donation is an investment in the future of private property rights, which is so important to the future of communities and the wellbeing of families. I would be profoundly grateful if you could give to the Property Rights Foundation of America, Inc., at this time.

May you be richly blessed at this Season of Peace.


Carol W. LaGrasse


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