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An alphabetical listing of articles and information relating to
private property rights issues.

"The Dangerous Craze of Environmental Irrationality"
- Book Review by Nathaniel R. Dickinson (PRFA, Mar. 27, 2007)
Eco-Freaks: Environmentalism is Hazardous to Your Health, By John Berlau, (Nelson Current, 2006)
The Greens constantly play on the emotions of gullible people to promote their agenda. But the thing to fear is not human activity, but the focus by the Greens on restoring the planet to untrammeled nature, a focus whereby they obstruct worthwhile and life-saving progress.
Dangers of Designations
- Regional, Federal, State and International Land-Use Intrusions
National/American Heritage Areas, UN Biosphere Reserves and UN World Heritage Sites
 National Dam Relicensing under the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
- Index page of information about dam relicensing across the nation.
Day's Inn Talk
- Nathan Lapp says good-bye to his friends and America at a December 11, 2001 Citizens' Rights Meeting
Dear Carol LaGrasse and the Property Rights Foundation of America...
- Nathan Lapp's Good-Bye Letter of December 25, 2001.
Death by Zoning
- by Jack Down, President of Citizens Against Repressive Zoning
"DEC Hits Small Businesses for Cleanup of Old Fuel Tank Leaks"
- By Carol W. LaGrasse, reprinted from New York Property Rights Clearinghouse, (PRFA Vol. 6, No. 2 - Summer 2002)
Where have all the general stores gone? Innocent Owners Driven Out of Business.
DEC Letter to Property Owners
- Letter of November 15, 2000 to Saratoga County (New York) property owners regarding the postponement of wetlands remapping.
DEC Official Describes Implementation of ADA Consent Decree
- At the monthly meeting of the Adirondack Park Agency on October 11, DEC official Carole Fraser reported on the extensive steps being taken in the Adirondack Park to implement the consent decree that Warrensburg resident Ted Galusha and two other co-plaintiffs won in July after three years of negotiations supervised by United States District Court Judge Lawrence E. Kahn. By Carol W. LaGrasse, October 14, 2001
DEC settles in access for disabled lawsuit
-ALBANY—The disabled will have more access to state-owned lands in the Adirondack Park, including more motorized access, over the next five years. Article by Cristine Meixner, editor. Reprinted by permission of the Hamilton County News.
"DEC Should Control Its Beavers"
- By Carol W. LaGrasse, PRFA, May 31, 2009
A beaver dam burst in Warren County, New York, releasing a barrage of water that washed out forty feet of the Upper Hudson Railroad tracks in Riparius. Taxpayers are upset at facing still another delay and expense related to the exorbitant railroad restoration project. But the Department of Conservation, which owns the beavers, should pay for the repair.
DEC should revisit wetlands
-"Comment," Capital District Business Review, Albany, N.Y., September 27, 1999, by Carol W. LaGrasse.
DEC Unit Management Plans for the Forest Preserve in the Works
- Update—March 2001
Important Opportunity for Public Comment, Governor Pataki has set priority for speedy statewide completion of UMP's.
DEC Weighs Selection of Consultants to Re-Map Wetlands in the New York City Watershed Region
- An Additional 994 Acres of Jurisdictional Wetlands Estimated, press release February 17, 2000.
"DEC's Insidious Disregard for the People—Comments on DEC Draft Wilcox Lake Wild Forest UMP"
- By Carol W. LaGrasse, President, Property Rights Foundation of America, March 2, 2007
DEC's insidious disregard for the people is exemplified by its treatment of Stony Creek and environs. The proposed Draft Unit Management Plan for Wilcox Lake Wild Forest should be discarded. The plan should be re-drawn under new assumptions, with the local culture, economy, history, and the community included as salient factors in a plan that respects the local people.
DEC's Overregulation of Small Oil Producers
- by Carol W. LaGrasse, reprinted from The Property Owner's Experience, (PRFA, April 1998).
This article makes the recommendation that the State should eliminate cost-ineffective regulations and permitting requirements which serve no practical function of pollution control.
De-designation of (Meeting of the) Great Rivers Scenic Byway in Jersey County and Greene County, Illinois
1. Letter from Keith M. Sherman, Chief, Planning and Systems Section, Illinois Dept. of Transportation, to Don Little, Jersey County Board, December 4, 2002
2. Letter from Don R. Keith, Division Right of Way Manager, U.S. Dept. of Transportation, to Linda M. Wheeler, Director, Office of Planning & Programming, Illinois Dept. of Transportation, November 12, 2002
3. Letter from Keith J. Sherman, Chief, Planning and Systems Section, Illinois Dept. of Transportation to David Collins, Chairman, Jersey County Board, October 3, 2002
4. Letter from Don R. Keith, Right-of-Way Program Manager, U.S. Department of Transportation, to Linda M. Wheeler, Director, Office of Planning & Programming, Illinois Dept. of Transportation, September 27, 2002
- These letters document the success of private property rights activists to get the U.S. Dept. of Transportation to de-designate the federal Great Rivers Scenic Byway through two counties. "The MGRSB north of the Jersey/Green County line is now completely de-designated." - Don R. Keith, Division Right of Way Manager, U.S. Department of Transportation, Nov. 12, 2002 letter.
Defeating Land Designations
- Some of the strategies that citizens can use when their land is threatened by government land designations.

Defeating Land Designations

- Index page of information about defeating land designations.

 Defending Landlord's Rights - National

- Index page of information about defending landlord's rights on the national scene.

 Defending Landlords Rights - New York

- Index page of information about defending landlord's rights in New York.
"Defending New England Traditions"
- Sean McKeon, Speech, Sixth Annual New York Conference on Private Property Rights (PRFA, November 16, 2002)
The American tradition of private property is rooted in the documents from which the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were drawn. To defend Vermont traditions, the forest industry, farmers, small businesses, and activists who believe in freedom should stand together.
Democracy, Property, and Land
Use Regulation
-Speech by James S. Burling from Proceedings of the Third Annual New York Conference on Private Property Rights (1998).
"Department of Interior Official Asks to Hear Concerns"
- letter from Kit Kimball, Director, Office of External and Intergovernmental Affairs, to PRFA, September 25, 2001
Kit Kimball, the new appointee by Secretary Gale A. Norton, sent a letter to the Property Rights Foundation of America announcing that her office's responsibilities "include working with advocacy and non-profit organizations actively seeking input in policies and programs as they are discussed and implemented here at the Department of Interior."
"DEP Threat to Access to Private Property across New York City Water Supply Lands"
- By Carol W. LaGrasse (PRFA, October 25, 2002)
For seven months, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection has been stonewalling PRFA's Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) quest to find out the extent of the DEP's pressure on landowners to convert legitimate access rights across City Watershed lands to revocable access permits.
Diamond Sportsmen's Club Agrees to Cumbersome APA Permit
- Hunting cabin exemption by-passed. Personal monitoring, APA-managed logging, biological survey imposed. By Carol W. LaGrasse, July 2002.
Diamond Sportsmen's Club is
Seeking Member Owners
- Adirondack club is acquiring land around scenic pond and opening up membership to the public.
"Dillenburg v. State of New York, Threat to Adirondack Tax Base"
- By Peter LaGrasse, Chairman, Board of Assessors, Town of Stony Creek (March 3, 2008)
This paper shows the results of Peter LaGrasse's research into the history and law involving the case Dillenburg v. State of New York. The historical documents demonstrate the motivation of the framers of the 1886 legislation providing for the state payments of taxes on the Forest Preserve land on the basis of statewide benefit. However, LaGrasse expresses concern with the State Supreme Court Chautauqua County (which is under appeal) decision because this court precisely followed a State Court of Appeals case.
"Disabled Apartheid-DEC's Betrayal and Discrimination"
- By Carol W. LaGrasse, Hearing Statement on DEC Lake George Wild Forest UMP, Queensbury Town Hall, December 13, 2006.
DEC has betrayed the visionary effort of the disabled to open up access to the Forest Preserve to people with disabilities and people who are not athletic, by virtually closing down the popular family recreation area on the Hudson River in Warrensburg, which was established on land acquired from Niagara Mohawk, while keeping open the most limited facilities exclusively for the disabled.
- By Susan Allen (PRFA, September 2004)
Book Reviews: Root Shock: How Tearing Up City Neighborhoods Hurts America and What We Can Do About It by Dr. Mindy Thompson Fullilove and Mists of the Couchsacrage: Rescue from State Land by Alden L. Dumas
Dr. Mindy Fullilove's Root Shock captures the mid-20th-century horror of loss of home in her documentation of urban renewal. The story Mists of the Couchsacrage by Alden L. Dumas is haunted by the banished hunting camps destroyed by New York State's insatiable lust for wilderness, which it creates by eliminating the rural culture.

Don Fife's Page

-An index page of articles by Don Fife, a Southern California-based, natural science/resource consultant who holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in paleontology-stratigraphy and geology from San Diego State University. He has been an environmental geologist working in academia, government, and private practice for more than 20 years. From 1981 to 1989, Fife served four secretaries of the interior as appointee/advisor for geology, energy and minerals for the 25 million-acre California Desert Conservation Area.
"Drill now for energy in America"
- Our abundant oil and gas would keep money, jobs, and opportunities here in the United States. By Roy Innis, Chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality, June 12, 2008 (Posted by permission)
"Drop the Idea, Senator Bonacic"
- OpEd by Noel van Swol, Long Eddy, N.Y. (originally published in the Sullivan County Democrat, July 30, 2004, used by permission of Noel van Swol)
The proposed Upper Delaware Greenway "is a Trojan horse designed to go along with the Upper Delaware Scenic River and Route 97 Scenic Byway and impose more restrictions and ultimately regional zoning on us."
"Dry Cimarron National Scenic Byway Defeated"
- By Carol W. LaGrasse, President, Property Rights Foundation of America, Inc., February 27, 2009
Although plans had been drawn up over a period of five years, local property owners from Union County, New Mexico, and Cimarron County, Oklahoma, organized effectively to influence the commissioners of both counties to withdraw their support for the designation for the bi-state Dry Cimarron National Scenic Byway.

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