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An alphabetical listing of articles and information relating to
private property rights issues.

Gathered for Success
- Property Rights Enthusiasts Assemble for Fifth Annual New York Conference.
Gathered Leaders Proclaim: Private Property Rights Will Best Pave the Way for the Future, Not "smart growth," government ownership and regulation
- Press Release: April 26, 1999.
General Electric's PCB Press
Release - December 20, 2000
-In opposition to EPA's proposed dredging of the Upper Hudson River in New York.

GIS - A Fourth Amendment Threat to Private Property Owners - Natl

- Index of information about Geographic Information Systems in New York.

GIS - A Fourth Amendment Threat to Private Property Owners - NY

- Index of information about Geographic Information Systems around the nation.
GIS is Flying in New York State-Entire State to be Covered
- The State is preparing highly accurate Adirondack and Catskill GIS for zoning compliance.
The Glory of Environmentalism
- Re-wilding the United States of America, by Carol W. LaGrasse, from Positions on Property, Vol. 1, No. 2 (PRFA, May 1994).
"The Glossary of Environmental Repression"
- by Carol W. LaGrasse, 1992
This glossary of terms used in New York's Adirondacks includes established terms as well as pseudoenvironmental jargon. An understanding of the drift of these terms reveals the repressive goals of environmental preservationists.

Government Control of Private Land

- Index page of information about the government's control of private land in the State of New York.
 Government Feeding Itself
- Heritage Area Players—Major Federal Agencies Involved, by Carol W. LaGrasse, from Positions on Property, Vol. 3, No. 1, Jan. 1996.
Government Land Acquisition 
- Index page of information about land acquisition by the government in New York State.

Government Land Ownership and Control - National

- Index page of information on the government land ownership and control on the national scene.
The Government Squeeze on Private Property-The Stone Age of Government
- Excerpted from Positions on Property, Vol. 1, No. 1 (PRFA, March 1994) by Carol W. LaGrasse.
Government, the New Leviathan
- James Bovard, Author, Public Policy Analyst, from Proceedings of the Second Annual N.Y. Conference on Private Property Rights (PRFA, 1996)
One of the most radical changes in American's lives in recent years is the proliferation of asset forfeiture laws. Federal agents have confiscated over $5 billion in cash, cars, homes, boats and other property from citizens in the last 10 years - in most cases, with no proof of criminal wrongdoing by the owner.
Governor Announces Acquisition of over 26,000 Acres of International Paper Company Land in the Adirondacks
- PRFA Bulletin, October 6, 2001
Governor Announces Preservation of Adirondack Tracts
- Governor George E. Pataki has announced an historic agreement to preserve more than 26,000 acres of land in the Adirondacks.
Governor Pataki Asks to Increase Funds for Land Acquisition, Decrease Maintenance Funds
- News Brief - February 2001.
"Governor Pataki Vetoes Eminent Domain Reform"
- By Carol W. LaGrasse (Reprinted from the NY Property Rights Clearinghouse, PRFA, Fall 2003)
Both houses of the Legislature had unanimously passed a bill to require written notice to property owners before the condemnation of their property. As it is now, when property owners receive the condemnation notice, it is too late to protest. Gov. Pataki vetoed the bill on Sept. 22, saying that it would cost too much, but nearly every other state has this notice.
"Governor's Tax Cap Threatens 125-Year-Old Covenant to Pay Local Taxes"
- By Carol W. LaGrasse, Property Rights Foundation of America, Inc., February 12, 2009
When the New York State Legislature established the Adirondack Forest Preserve, the Legislature followed the recommendations of the official commission, which concluded that because the protection of the forest "would be chiefly for the benefit of the rest of the State," the State should "hereafter bear taxes upon its lands in the Adirondack region." It may take 125 years, but with control of much of the land, preservationists control the tax base and future.
"Governor Schwarzenegger's Swearing-In Remarks".
- Reprinted from the American Outlook, Anza, California, November 28, 2003 (Printed in full)
"When I became a citizen 20 years ago, I had to take a citizenship test. I had to learn history and principles of our republic. What I've learned - and what I've never forgotten is - that in a republic, sovereignty rests with the people - not the government."
"Gov. Spitzer Vetoes Bill That Would Have Muddled Law of Adverse Possession"
- By Carol W. LaGrasse, Reprinted from the New York Property Rights Clearinghouse, Vol. 11, No. 4 (PRFA, Fall 2007
On August 28, Governor Eliot Spitzer vetoed a bill that was said to "reform" the law of adverse possession, but would have made it difficult obtain title insurance in New York State and precipitated a host of new lawsuits by setting up a new test for adverse possession of whether the adverse possessor had "knowledge" of the correct boundary. The bill had passed with only two opposing votes, but the Real Property Section of the State Bar Association and the Property Rights Foundation let their opposition be known to the Governor after passage by the legislature.
"Grants Have Agendas"
- By Carol W. LaGrasse, PRFA November 15, 2004
Government grants put never-ending streams of money toward preservationist objectives that diminish private property rights. Prime examples are National Heritage Areas, regional planning, trails, and government land acquisition.
Grasslands Reserve Program is fundamentally flawed
- From the President's Corner, Agri-News, February 16, 2001, by Carol W. LaGrasse, President, Property Rights Foundation of America, Inc.

Obstruction of Gravel Mining - New York

 - Index page of information about the obstruction of gravel mining in New York State.
"The Green Tyrants' Two-Edged Sword"
Questions after speech 
- By Paul Driessen, B.A., J.D., Author, and Senior Policy Advisor, Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, Washington, D.C. Address to the Twenty-third Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights, Latham, N.Y. October 19, 2019 (Property Rights Foundation of America, Inc.)
Greens Force Strategic Mine Out of Business
- Communist China now controls supply of rare minerals. By Don Fife.
- By Matthew McKeown, Deputy Solicitor, U.S. Department of Interior; Speech to the Eighth Annual Conference on Private Property Rights (PRFA, Albany, N.Y. October 23, 2004)
The Secretary of Interior is committed to protecting water rights of ranchers, using the Healthy Forest Initiative to restore communities in the Northwest, working with landowners to protect habitat under the Endangered Species Act, and establishing a way to settle RS2477 access roads.

Gretna Longware

In Memoriam
"Group Campaigns to Save Hurricane Mountain Fire Tower"
- By Carol W. LaGrasse PRFA, April 21, 2005
Loyalty to the 80-year old local landmark in Essex County is fueling a battle led by Elizabethtown resident Gretna Longware against the DEC's proposed reclassification of the area to "wilderness," apparently at the behest of influential environmentalists.

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