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An alphabetical listing of articles and information relating to
private property rights issues.

"Inalienable Private Property Rights Being Revoked".
- Book Review by Nathaniel R. Dickinson, PRFA, October 17, 2006)
During the Twentieth Century, private property rights, the cornerstone of freedom, were greatly diminished in exchange for government power under environmental law, regulatory takings, rent control, scenic regulations, historic preservation, architectural review, and eminent domain abuse. The radical left is winning.
Informed Consent 
- PRFA's "Informed Consent" checklist is designed to help the private property owner and his legal counsel to level the playing field in dealing with the slick experts who negotiate for the land trusts.
An Innovative Approach to Natural Area Restoration
- By Nate Dickinson, July 22, 2002.
Innuendo and misstatement...
- A Letter to the Editor by Joshua Reichert, Director ,Environment Program, The Pew Charitable Trusts, Philadelphia, Penn, in Agri-News, May 11, 2001. "Your 4/13 issue carried a reprint of an article from suggesting that conservation easements are all 'connected with' a grand conspiracy called The Wildlands Project (TWP). The article is incorrect and misleading in several respects."
Instant Wilderness: When a Road is not a Road
- By Don Fife and Ralph Pray.
Interior Dept. Seeks Comments on Strategic Plan
Update - February 2002: - Sec. Gail Norton asks for Ideas to Guide Budget, Goals, & Performance Measures.
"International Property Rights and How to Win in This Country"
- By Richard Miniter, Founder and President, Brussels Institute, Brussels, Belgium; Speech to the Eighth Annual Conference on Private Property Rights (PRFA, Albany, N.Y. October 23, 2004)
Property rights are already lost in Europe, but in the United States only a few battles have been lost. It is time to win. Modeled after successful movements, Richard Miniter's ten steps to win start with recruiting a legislative champion.

Intellectual Property Rights

- Index page of information about intellectual property rights.

International Property Rights

- Index page of information about international property rights.
"Invasive Species—Intrusive Regulation"
- By Robert J. Smith, President, Center for Private Conservation, Washington, D.C., Speech at the Seventh Annual Conference on Private Property Rights (PRFA, October 2003)
Invasive species are everywhere. If the Greens get an invasive species program started, they'll have an Office of Invasive Species or Invasive Species Program so that they can take all the things they dislike, whether it is crown vetch or whatever, and put them on the list and then start eradicating them, and that is going to mean an end to your private property.

Invasive Species - National

- Index page of information about invasive species.
"Inverse Condemnation—The Rationale for Compensation for Regulatory Takings"
- By Henry St. John FitzGerald, Attorney at Law, Arlington, Virginia; Speech to the Eighth Annual Conference on Private Property Rights (PRFA, Albany, N.Y. October 23, 2004)
The Constitution is the biggest bulwark to protect our rights, including private property rights. Government keeps trying to expand its power, and important cases hold its power in check. The cases protecting property owners from regulatory takings began in 1922 with Pennsylvania Coal. "Inverse condemnation" is when so many land rights have been taken away that a Fifth Amendment Taking occurs.
"Invest for Freedom-To Stop the Use of Capitalism Against Capitalism"
- By Thomas J. Borelli, Ph.D., Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager, Free Enterprise Action Fund, Eleventh Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights (PRFA, Albany, N.Y., October 13, 2007)
Environmental organizations are harnessing major corporations like Pepsico, Caterpillar, General Electric and JP Morgan Chase against their own corporate interests and capitalism itself to promote universal government government-funded health care and an economy centered on global warming-based regulation. Acting as a shareholder activist, the Free Enterprise Action Fund successfully sought a stockholder proxy at JP Morgan Chase against their support for global warming regulation.
 "Is the Doctrine of Regulatory Takings Constitutional?"
- By James S. Burling, Esq.,Vice President & Principal Attorney. Pacific Legal Foundation, Sacramento, California. Address to the Twenty-second Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights, Latham, N.Y. October 20, 2018 (Property Rights Foundation of America, Inc.) 
"Is the Sierra Club Believable?"
— By Nate Dickinson, Wildlife Biologist (PRFA, September 21, 2002)
The Sierra Club's radical fund-raising letter misaccuses commercial logging of creating desolate moonscapes. On the other hand, the club fails to note the pivotal role that extreme wilderness policies played in the intensity of recent forest fires.The law established National Forests in 1890 to guarantee a future supply of timber, not to provide wilderness areas for the enjoyment of Sierra Clubbers.
"It Comes With A Price: U.S. Census Intrudes on Privacy"
- By Carol W. LaGrasse (PRFA, February 18, 2005)
Nine oversized pages of invasive questions in the American Community Survey of the U.S. Census Bureau cause citizens to justly worry about their privacy. But Congress precipitated the inquiries in the long form census in order to obtain exhaustive data to plan and fund big government programs.
"It is Time for the Northern Forest Alliance to be Challenged and Defused"
- Nate Dickinson, Wildlife Biologist (PRFA, December 2002)
It's court after all for small property owners
- The Long Island Pine Barrens Lesson. It's easy to pass laws to restrict property owners, a lot more difficult to come up with hard cash to compensate them. By Carol W. LaGrasse, reprinted from New York Property Rights Clearinghouse (Vol. 3, No. 2, April - July 1996).
"It's Not Just Big Brother That Often Disrespects Property Rights"
— Commentary by Nate Dickinson (PRFA, February 21, 2003)
An older woman would like to build a ranch-style home on her property in Altamont, N.Y., so that she will not have to climb stairs and will have her daughter living next door in the existing house. But angry neighbors "mobbed" the town hall to protest this perfectly reasonable plan.

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