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Crowd Packs NEACA Arms Fair at Saratoga City Center January 29 & 30, 2011

Even before the expansion of the Saratoga City Center was complete, a crowd of over 2,500 packed the exhibit hall for the NEACA Arms Fair and Militaria Exposition on Saturday and Sunday, January 29 and 30. With this event, the Property Rights Foundation of America® began its third year of exhibiting at the NEACA shows.

As word of mouth spreads and the PRFA exhibit on the impact of state land acquisition for the Forest Preserve expands, the number of sportsmen and women who stop and spend time at the exhibit keeps growing. Tales of lost camps and blocked access abound among the sportsmen at the NEACA show, demonstrating the sensitivity of this issue to the hunters and their families who have lost so much of their heritage over the years.

This year, the PRFA focus is on the immediate threat to the hunting camps on leases on 100 square miles of former Finch Pruyn timber land in the Upper Hudson region of the Central Adirondacks with the announced plan of The Nature Conservancy and the Department of Environmental Conservation for the state to acquire the land to add it to the "forever wild" Forest Preserve.

The PRFA exhibit pertains to all hunters, and is geared to show the common thread that bonds sportsmen together, with goal of protecting access, whether for camp owners or those who camp out, hunters who use local logging roads and town roads, snowmobilers, or even fisherman who fly in to remote ponds.

The January NEACA show was the first event where the first full-color issue of PRFA's newsletter, the New York Property Rights Clearinghouse was distributed to the general public. The final issue for 2010, it features an article on threatened eminent domain to build a hotel and convention center while destroying an entire neighborhood of 250 thriving industrial businesses in Willets Point not far from where PRFA president, Carol LaGrasse, grew up in Queens County.

The sportsmen and women expressed intense interest in the double-issue newsletter, with its full report on the Fourteenth Annual Conference on Private Property Rights, which was entirely devoted to the battles to stop government from forcing people out of their traditional communities, whether by eminent domain, zoning, or preservationist land acquisition.

The Property Rights Foundation of America's expanded educational outreach program is possible because of a generous grant from Great Circle Foundation, which is located in East Northport and is dedicated to supporting grassroots non-profit art and educational organizations which are reaching underserved people.

The New Eastcoast Arms Collectors Associates, known as NEACA (518-664-9743), is based in Mechanicville and is known for its arms collectors' fairs featuring quality investment firearms and new, used and antique knives, swords and vintage military collectibles. Included in the small admission fee is the privilege of bringing unique possessions to sell, barter, or have appraised, whether or not a person has a table. Friday evenings feature a special members preview where the members and exhibiters enjoyed snacks and a light supper hosted by the organization.

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