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PRFA Happenings — September 2008

Great Circle Foundation Recognizes PRFA with Educational Outreach Grant

The Great Circle Foundation Inc. awarded a generous grant to the Property Rights Foundation of America, Inc., in early September for a program to expand educational outreach about private property rights. The Great Circle Foundation Inc. is organized exclusively to fund charitable, scientific, literary and educational tax exempt organizations that have a proven record of achievement and offer a compelling plan to meet worthy goals.

As envisioned in PRFA's program, additional outreach to educate people about private property rights is essential, considering that many property owners who face serious difficulties because of infringements on their rights lack practical information that they can put to use. With information and support, individuals can be much more effective in protecting their freedom, even in the face of the slew of restrictions that the government has imposed during the past 35 years.

The educational outreach program fits perfectly the first purpose contained in PRFA's charter: "To provide information and education and promote understanding about the fundamental Constitutional rights of our citizens, especially the right to own and use private property."

The potential to empower people with information about their private property rights is boundless.

The outreach program will focus immediately on an effort to bring more people to the Twelfth Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights on October 18, with the assistance of grassroots groups and individuals working with PRFA. Grassroots education will increase by expanding the outreach of the newsletter, web site, e-mail, speakers' program, and other opportunities to reach out to more people.

The web site makes a difference for people looking for information about their private property rights. One New York user of the web site e-mailed, "I have been sharing what I have learned with our group…I have been reading everything on the PRFA website, and have been using the articles, etc. as jumping off points for further study…"

While PRFA's regular venues are expanded, the outreach to media, colleges and selected high schools will receive special focus. In fact, outreach to students will be facilitated with a new student discount program for the upcoming conference.

Founded in 1994, the Property Rights Foundation of America, Inc., is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (c)(3) organization for the purpose of receiving charitable contributions.

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