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PRFA Happening — Winter 2004

One Million Hits on PRFA Web Site During 2003

The Property Rights Foundation of America's web site,, received one million hits during 2003! The hits have been growing steadily, and exceeded 100,000 hits per month during the last four months of 2003. PRFA opened the web site in April 2001. Some pages from the 800-plus postings on the PRFA web site are among the first set of ten or a dozen sites listed when searchers use Google or other search engines. The total accumulated number of hits from the time the web site was opened until December 31, 2003 was 1,800,000.

The web site has 59 topical indexes, ranging from "Defeating Zoning and Building Codes" to "Conservation Easements" to "Biosphere Reserves," which are among the most popular. The indexes are reached from the home page by clicking on either a New York map symbol or a little United States map.

A new feature during 2003 is a state-by-state index, where articles and information are indexed for each particular state. Special collections by favorite writers include "Don Fife's Page" and "Nate Dickinson's Commonsense Perspectives." The site has a number of additional popular features, such as a section on the Annual New York Property Rights Conferences, with many of the speeches posted, as well as photos, biographies and awards. Another section features Updates on New York, the Nation, and Congress. The web site is easy to use, completely free, and requires no sign-in, making it as convenient as humanly possible to meet our goal of maximizing outreach and practical information.

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