PRFA's Annual Conferences 1995 - 2019
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The Property Rights Foundation of America's

Twenty-Third Annual NationalConference
on Private Property Rights
October 19, 2019
The Century House, Latham, New York

"Always Standing for Private Property Rights"

A Full Day of Speeches by Brilliant Experts and Activists

Keynote Address

"The Precautionary Principle:
U.S. International Treaties
Threaten Private Property Rights"

Lawrence A. Kogan, Esq.
Institute for Trade, Standards,
& International Development
Princeton Junction, New Jersey
New York, N.Y.

Full Conference Program - 2019

Complete Speakers' Roster & Transcriptions - All Years


April 9, 2019

Our Celebration of the
Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Property Rights Foundation of America

The Century House, Latham, New York

Twenty-Fifth Anniversay Dinner Address
"How Undermining Property Rights Has Increased Economic Inequality:
A Paradox Explained"

Roger Pilon, Ph.D., J.D.
B. Kenneth Simon Chair in Constitutional Studies
Vice President Emeritus & Founding Director Emeritus
Robert A. Levy Center for Constitutional Studies
Cato Institute, Washington, D.C.

Full Speech

Speech Summary, written by Roger Pilon,
as printed in the New York Property Rights Clearinghouse

New York State
Radical Adirondack legislation to squeeze
all use of "large" parcels into one corner

Introduced to 2019-2020 legislature

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New York Updates

National Updates

"Urban Trespassing:
A Harrowing Experience"

October 2013

Key Issues
Indexes Include some of the original articles where PRFA brought conservation easements, Biosphere Reserves, and Heritage Rivers to national attention and much more


Land Trusts

Biosphere Reserves & World Heritage Sites

Heritage Rivers & Areas

Eminent Domain


Defeating Zoning & Building Codes

Errant Golf Balls Threaten Private Property Rights - John Marwell
Oct. 2014

Wizard of Oz Exposed -
Michael Diederich
Oct. 2014

International Property Rights


Wolf Attacks on Humans, Hybridization of Canis Lupus

Canis Lupus, & Zoonotic Disease

-Clayton H. Dethlefson-
2016 (Summary)


Willets Point's Battle Against New York City's
Eminent Domain & Urban Redevelopment

How the City violates the rights of business owners and the many years of struggle
led by Willets Point United to defend their property rights and save their
unique industrial community
Latest: "Victory in Appellate Court against the City of New York, But Battles Loom"

Property Rights Foundation of America Presents Freedom Award to New York State Senator Tony Avella May 2016



The Environmental Rights Constitutional Amendment
A Clandestine Threat to Private Property Rights
By Carol W. LaGrasse, March 2017

The Posterity Amendment: Twenty Years
The Campaign to Nullify Private Property Rights
by Carol W. LaGrasse



The Campaign for Justice in the Adirondacks


Preservation vs. the Future of the North Country - Log of Articles

DEC's Real Priority:
Restoration of Wolves & Cougars
Fall 2015

The Radical, Dictatorial Adirondack Park Agency (APA) - Log of Articles


Carol LaGrasse welcomes her good friend John Salvador, Jr., to the podium to tell how he has brought a lawsuit to remove a local assessor for mismanagement at PRFA's Twelfth Annual National Conference.

John Salvador, Jr.

A Tribute

By Carol W. LaGrasse
















Environmental Rights Constitutional Amendment
Sept. 2018

Save the Cody Place
December 2014

How the Federal Government Got Away with Taking the High Line
Meghan Largent

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Is the Doctrine of Regulatory Takings Constitutional
James S. Burling,

Pennsylvania State Conservation Easements vs. Small Forestry Operations
Keith Klingler




PRFA's Twenty-Fifth

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