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New information added on February 2, 2008

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"Assessment Inventory Data Not Available under FOIL" - News Brief, PRFA, August 2007

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APA (Adirondack Park Agency)

Essential Books & Publications
Essential Books
& Publications

The APA Shell Game: How New York's Adirondack Park Agency is Becoming the World's Foremost Environmental Snoop - By Carol W. LaGrasse (Property Rights Foundation of America, 1994)
This unique report about the power of GIS for enforcement of land-use regulations resulted from a study of the APA's internal documents behind its annual financial reports. LaGrasse outlines the many different data bases that are being put into the APA's GIS (geographic information systems), which is a computerized system of overlays of digitalized maps.
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A New Hampshire organization concerned with individual rights. Link is to their web page on "Fourth Amendment Rights Regarding Home Inspections,"
including assessment inspections.


In-Depth Information

  • Carol W. LaGrasse"APA Announces GIS-Based Enforcement" - By Carol W. LaGrasse, PRFA, February 2, 2008
    It is over thirteen years since PRFA published its "APA Shell Game" revealing that the APA was developing an unsurpassed GIS capacity to enforce its environmental zoning regulations. This January the APA announced that it was going to tap into a statewide real estate database, coupled with GIS, to find old violations of the APA law. The State Legislature should pass a statute of limitations on violations of the APA Act.

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