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Asset Forfeiture - New York

New information added on March 13, 2004

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"NYS Court of Appeals Limits Free-Rein Forfeiture" - Property Rights Foundation of America, Winter 2004
Ruling against Nassau County on November 24, 2003, the highest state court prohibited asset forfeiture without standards and required a prompt post-seizure hearing.

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In-Depth Information

  • "Property rights group raises concern about occupancy tax law" - by Mike Mender (Post Star, Glens Falls, N.Y., January 16, 2004 - Reprinted by permission of the Post Star)
    Carol LaGrasse, president of Property Rights Foundation of America, said, "The thing we're most concerned about is the aspect of forfeiture." She said that Warren County's law would allow the county treasurer to go after someone's property if the county felt that there was a prospective bankruptcy.
  • James Bovard"Government, the New Leviathan" - James Bovard, Author, Public Policy Analyst, from Proceedings of the Second Annual N.Y. Conference on Private Property Rights (Property Rights Foundation of America, 1996)
    One of the most radical changes in American's lives in recent years is the proliferation of asset forfeiture laws. Federal agents have confiscated over $5 billion in cash, cars, homes, boats and other property from citizens in the last 10 years - in most cases, with no proof of criminal wrongdoing by the owner.

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