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National Dam Relicensing Under FERC

New information added on August 21, 2011

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Heritage Rivers and Areas - National

Additional Helpful Organizations
Additional Helpful

Keep the Batavia Dam
Jean O'Sullivan
P. O. Box 128
Batavia, IL 60510-0128
Web site:
Citizens group in the City of Batavia, Illinois, organized to save the north Batavia dam. Outside pressure groups want the dam removed and the river returned to wild.
Additional Resources
Additional Resources

American Rivers
(American Rivers is the lead player in the campaign to obstruct FERC dam relicensing with wildlife habitat requirements and "land for dams" and to require dam removal. Heads "Hydropower Reform Coalition." Also lead not-profit player in the American Heritage Rivers Initiative established by President Clinton's executive order. geographically centered spin-offs, such as "New York Rivers United.")

The President's Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) American Heritage Rivers
(This agency gained new power as the administrator of the Clinton's American Heritage Rivers program, with direct management of employees in many federal agencies)

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
(FERC administers relicensing of dams under the Federal Power Act (16 USC 791-828c) and its implementing regulations (18 CFR Parts 4 and 16). The Federal Power Act was amended in 1986 to give "equal consideration" to impacts on energy conservation, fish and wildlife and recreation. Under NEPA, considerations such as impact on local communities and economies also require consideration.)



  • Update: March 1, 2003
    Vote about whether to Save the Batavia Dam in Illinois Scheduled for April 1
    Citizens are fighting to save the north Batavia dam in Illinois. According to the "Save the Dam" web site, last fall's decision by the City Council of Batavia to remove the Batavia at a cost of $8.6 million was in response to out-of-town political pressure. "This action would make us a national experiment, a 'poster child' for dam removal in the midst of highly urbanized areas," stated Robert F. Barnes, M.D. on web site, A vote will take place on April 1. Contact information.

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