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In-Depth Information

  • Will N. Graves"The Truth about Wolf Reintroduction: What the U.S. Can Learn from Russian Wolves," Address by Will N. Graves, Author Wolves in Russia, Fifteenth Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights, Latham, N.Y., October 29, 2011 (Property Rights Foundation of America, Inc.)
    In this very concise summary, Will Graves systematically refutes some of the claims that wolves would have no significant impact when their reintroduction was planned for Yellowstone National Park: The actual impact included devastating impact on hunting; the elk population and many other species are decimated. He also countered claim that wolves cull only the sick and old.
  • Nate Dickinson"Wild Cities, Suburb Zoos, and Rural Atrocities" - By Nathaniel R. Dickinson (PRFA, July 2006
    Instead of choosing wildlife policies on the basis of their emotional appeal, management agencies should adopt scientifically sound policies to deal with the frequent and severe conflicts between wildlife and humans.
The Endangered Species Act:
  • "An Honest, Objective Critique of the Endangered Act" - By Nathaniel R. Dickinson (PRFA, March 29, 2005)
    This analysis of some of the most important language of the Endangered Species Act of 1973, such as the discussion of "critical habitat" and the definition of "endangered species," demonstrates that it needs a major overhaul. Well-educated, totally objective scientists should be called in to re-write the Act and guide its implementation.
  • Carol W. LaGrasse"The Endangered Species Act—A National Policy of Modernization to Protect Private Property Rights"-By Carol W. LaGrasse (PRFA Background Brief, February 2005)
    Modernization of the 1973 Endangered Species Act to use sound science and protect private property rights should include a national habitat protection plan, DNA criteria for species listings, a property rights ombudsman, regulatory takings compensation modeled after Oregon Measure 37, voluntary reserves, private competition, federal supersession, and judicial reform.
The Frontenac Link:
  • "Algonquin to Adirondack Vision is Blurred" - by Nate Dickinson, author and wildlife biologist (PRFA, February 2001)
    Environmentalists envision a land bridge called the "Frontenac Axis" from Algonquin Provincial Park in Quebec to the Adirondack Park. They want to create a swath of undeveloped land for a right of way for migrating wolves to enter the Adirondacks from Quebec and for all wildlife to have a natural "corridor" to migrate freely without interference by people.
 Stopping a project with rattlesnakes:  
  • "Wealthy Land Trusts and DEC squeeze Fishkill Business Owner" - by Carol W. LaGrasse, New York Property Rights Clearinghouse, Vol. 4, No. 2 (PRFA Spring-Summer 1997)
    This article, which was widely distributed in reprint form, relates how the existence of rattlesnakes on neighboring property bought by the land trust is being used to stop the progress of Jay Monfort's quarry permit application.
 The Natural Heritage Program:  

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