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Farming Issues - National

New information added on July 22, 2008

News Brief

Liberty Ark Coalition against NAIS - April 20, 2006
The broad-based Liberty Ark Coalition has formed to stop the universal National Animal Identification System (NAIS).
Karin Bergener, Contact: (330) 298-0065

February 2001:
"Corps of Engineers is Abandoning and Breaching Missouri River Dikes"

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Conservation Easements

Zoning and Building Codes - National

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Essential Books & Publications
Essential Books
& Publications

Ron Arnold, Undue Influence (Free Enterprise Press, Bellevue, Washington, 1999). Arnold reveals how the wealthy foundations, grant-driven environmental groups, and zealous bureaucrats are working to dismantle roads, dams, logging, mining, ranching, farming, and fishing.

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Additional Resources
Additional Resources

Michigan Model Conservation Easement (March 2003)
This model document, which was provided by Rachel Thomas as a form used by the State of Michigan, contains typical clauses demonstrating the danger of conservation easements.


Liberty Ark Coalition Against NAIS
Karen Bergener, Contact
web site:


In-Depth Information

  • Devlen Mackey"Farmers Fight Back in the New Jersey Highlands" - By Devlen Mackey, Owner, Mackey Orchards, Belvidere, New Jersey; Eleventh Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights (PRFA, Albany, N.Y., October 13, 2007)
    Farmers, local government, and developers are opposing the state regional zoning law, the New Jersey Highlands Regional Planning and Water Protection Act, which imposes 88-acre zoning and exploits endangered species rules in Hunterdon, Warren, and other northwestern New Jersey counties to stop the use of land. The law is said to be intended to protect the watershed for drinking water, but sewers to keep flow from Lake Hopatcong are prohibited by the Department of Environmental Protection.
  • "Who's Gonna Pay?" - By Madeleine Fortin (PRFA, December 14, 2005)
    The Corps of Engineers and the South Florida Water Management District keep a massive drainage structure closed, flooding neighborhoods and farmland during Hurricane Katrina and other storms, which damages or destroys houses, motor vehicles and farmland, and kills farm animals.
  • "Farm Bureau seeks limits for conservation easements" - by Steve Miller, West River Editor, Rapid City Journal, August 26, 2003 (Reprinted by permission of the Rapid City Journal)
    The South Dakota Farm Bureau began a petition drive to limit perpetual conservation easements. "Unseen changes in the future can place unintended hardships on future property owners," said Dick Kjerstad, president.
  • Jeff Williams"Private Property Rights of Farmers: Updates in Takings and Related Case Law" - By Jeff Williams and Leah Hurtgen, New York State Farm Bureau (Sixth Annual Conference on Private Property Rights, PRFA - November 16, 2002)
    A broad overview of significant recent cased that have occurred in New York State and in other parts of this country, which affect agriculture and other land-intensive business such as logging and will touch individual property owners: Tahoe-Sierra Preservation Council, Inc. v. Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (122 S. Ct. 1465 (2002); the victorious Palazzolo v. Rhode Island and related historic cases; Town of Lysander v. Hafner (New York State Court of Appeals, October 18, 2001); the disappointing Long Island Pine Barrens v. Town of Riverhead; the California case Pronsolino v. EPA; and another Ninth Circuit case Borden Ranch v. Army Corps of Engineers.
Richard Senter in 1940 with "Spotty," a Holstein calf.
Richard Senter in 1940 with "Spotty,"
a red and white Holstein calf.
The halcyon days... before DEC.
Photo by Frances O. Senter. Used by permission of Richard G. Senter.
  • "Klamath Basin farmers fall victim to the Endangered Species Act"-Reprinted by permission from Wyoming Agriculture, June 2001, published by the Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation.
    Using the Endangered Species Act this year, the Fish and Wildlife Service and the Bureau have turned off the water to protect the shortnose and Lost River suckers, although they are neither endangered nor harmed by the farmers' water use.
  • "Preservation Group Straps Massachusetts Farm Couple" — By Carol W. LaGrasse (Reprinted from the New York Property Rights Clearinghouse, Vol. 4, No. 2 (Spring-Summer 1997, PRFA)
    Bankruptcy court appeal may be the final chapter for Marie and Joseph Hill, an elderly couple who are being evicted from their scenic dairy farm in South Dartmouth on Buzzard's Bay, after losing a battle with a local preservation group, FORM.

The front of the Hill Dairy Farm.

Hill Farm
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