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Freedom Emigres - Good-Bye, Dear U.S. A.

New information added on December 29, 2001

Some of the regulatory juggernauts that American citizens have experienced remind me of the tales of woe with which Eastern European engineer émigrés once regaled me during the 'sixties and 'seventies. During the 'nineties and as the new century began, it became a source of exquisite pain to learn of individuals who concluded that their only recourse in the face of repressive government is to leave the United States of America. With the farewell address and letter of Nathan Lapp, one of the staunchest defenders of the Constitution that I have had the honor to meet, PRFA begins this collection of Freedom Émigrés. I hope that few are added to this page, but investigative journalist and author Bruce Siminoff has already given permission to excerpt from his book relating the almost incomprehensible experience of perhaps the first Environmental Émigré.

To those reading this page: Stay and fight the good battle for the future of freedom in the United States of America. Many have worked long and hard, suffered and died for the freedoms that we believe are our God-given birthright. Today, your fellow citizens need your knowledge, your intelligence, your moral sense, and your courage to rouse our country and restore its heritage of freedom.

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  • "Day's Inn Talk"—By Nathan Lapp, December 11, 2001 (Edited and reprinted by permission)

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