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Invasive Species

New information added on November 17, 2008

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  • "Strawberry Guava Bio-control Plan Full of Bugs" - By Sydney Ross Singer, President, Good Shepherd Foundation, Inc., November 8, 2008
    The government of Hawaii intends to loose an invasive insect, a Brazilian scale (Tectococcus ovatus), as a bio-control to eradicate the strawberry guava (waiawi), which has been on Hawaii for 200 years, because it is an "invasive species." The Brazilian scale would be allowed to spread throughout the islands and eradicate the well-loved, useful ornamental fruit tree on both private and government-owned land, to no reasonable purpose and significant risk.
  • "Hawaii Department of Agriculture 'Chirping' Away at Our Property Rights" - By Sidney Ross Singer, President, Good Shepherd Foundation, Inc., November 8, 2008
    The Hawaii Department of Agriculture is preparing a rule to declare the beneficial coqui tree frog, which does no harm to plants, a pest that should be controlled for agricultural purposes, apparently because its nocturnal chirping is disagreeable to some people. The rule change will also allow the department to declare other vertebrate species as plant pests.
  • Fred V. Grau, Jr."Invasive Species—Regulation by Fraud"-By Fred V. Grau, Jr., President Grasslyn, Inc., Tenth Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights (PRFA, Albany, N.Y., October 14, 2006)
    Invasive species rules are already having negative impact on ranchers, farmers, sportsmen, and boaters. "White listing" in accord with the precautionary principle requires that you have to prove that a species doesn't cause harm before you can trade in it. The concept of "biological pollution" is starting to bring U.S. EPA jurisdiction over aquatic invasive species. Invasive species laws are a federal funding mechanism to The Nature Conservancy.
  • Robert J. Smith"Invasive Species—Intrusive Regulation" - By Robert J. Smith, President, Center for Private Conservation, Washington, D.C., Speech at the Seventh Annual Conference on Private Property Rights (PRFA, October 2003)
    Invasive species are everywhere. If the Greens get an invasive species program started, they'll have an Office of Invasive Species or Invasive Species Program so that they can take all the things they dislike, whether it is crown vetch or whatever, and put them on the list and then start eradicating them, and that is going to mean an end to your private property.
  • Nathaniel R. Dickinson"Beware the Intrusive Invasive Species Act" - By Nate Dickinson (PRFA, September 5, 2003)
    A wildlife biologist's common sense discussion of S.525, the National Aquatic Invasive Species Act of 2003, warning that the bill provides more for expansive regulatory bureaucracy than for the practical protection from invasive species.
  • "An Innovative Approach to Natural Area Restoration" — by Nate Dickinson, Wildlife Biologist (PRFA, July 22, 2002)
    Nate Dickinson's insights about Michael Shaw's restoration of native species on his coastal California property. Instead of relying on herbicides, burning, or grazing to eliminate exotic plants, Mr. Shaw used scientifically directed human energy to release the native seedbank, working past successive invasions of other unwanted plants toward bountiful results.

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