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New information added on April 21, 2003

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Adirondack Citizens Council Announced - First Meeting, Colton, N.Y., April 24, 2003.
As a result of the threat of State acquisition of the Hancock tract in St. Lawrence County, a new organization has formed to give a greater voice to citizens in legislation and policy making for the future of the Adirondacks. Hank Ford announced the first meeting at a packed gathering of hunting clubs, local government and legislatures at the Stillwater Club in April. Hunters, fishermen, snowmobilers, ATV'ers, logging industries, local government, businesses and citizens are invited.

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  • Jonathan Reisman"Rural Cleansing of the State of Maine" by Jonathan Reisman, Associate Professor, University of Maine, Machias (Sixth Annual New York Conference on Private Property Rights, PRFA, November 16, 2002)
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  • Adirondack Organizations
    This directory of Adirondack organizations and government agencies contains material selected to be helpful in knowing the current, and perhaps future, areas of action of organizations with interests related to land issues in the Adirondacks and the Northern Forest Lands and their true positions.

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