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PCB Dredging Threatens Upstate Landowners

New information added on March 11, 2001

Thompson Island Pool near Fort Edward
Tourism and usage of the Hudson River abound, as seen in this photo of the Thompson Island Pool, a six-mile stretch of the river south of GE's Hudson Falls plant site.

 Thompson Island Pool near Ft. Edward, a beautiful blue area of the Hudson River.

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River Watch—GE Report on the Hudson River
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The Post Star
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In-Depth Information

  • Letter to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Christine Todd Whitman, for the hearing record, re. "Dredging of PCB-laden Mud from the Hudson River," by Carol W. LaGrasse, PRFA, Feb. 21, 2001
    LaGrasse explains the reasons behind her twenty years of opposition to dredging of PCB's from the Hudson River.
  • Press Release: December 20, 2000—General Electric Company, Albany, NY.
    "EPA's plan for massive dredging in the Upper Hudson River destroys 97 acres of prime aquatic habitat and damages 17 miles of shoreline but provides only marginal reductions of PCB levels in fish beyond what would be achieved through GE's clean-up program and natural recovery, a preliminary analysis by GE and a panel of experts shows."

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