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New information added on September 3, 2007

Updates and News Briefs

"Statement by the National Cattlemen's Beef Association & Public Lands Council on Livestock Grazing on Public Lands - Submitted to the Subcommittee on Forest and Forest Health, The Honorable Greg Waldren, Chairman, of the House Committee on Resources, The Honorable Richard Pombo, Chairman - By Mr. Jim Chilton, April 13, 2005"
Describing the lawsuit assaults by the Center for Biological Diversity and the Forest Guardians to enjoin cattle grazing on the Chilton's federal grazing allotments, Jim Chilton lays bare the way that radical preservationists have hijacked the failed Endangered Species Act for purposes that Congress did not intend.

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Chilton Ranch, Arivaca, Arizona
The Chilton website focuses on their successsful lawsuit against the Center for Biodiversity.


In-Depth Information

  • Carol W. LaGrasse"Rancher Frank Robbins Loses at the Supreme Court" - By Carol W. LaGrasse, Reprinted from the New York Property Rights Clearinghouse, Vol. 11, No. 3 (PRFA Summer 2007.
    In June, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a mercurial decision in Robbins v. Wilkie reversing the jury verdict that Bureau of Land Management officials violated the Fifth Amendment private property rights of Frank Robbins by repeatedly harassing him to retaliate because he refused to grant a free right-of-way easement across his Wyoming ranch. Only Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg held that Robbins' property rights deserved protection.
  • Karen Budd-Falen, Esq."RICO Action-Rancher Stops BLM Access Extortion" - By Karen Budd-Falen, Esq., Senior Attorney, Budd-Falen Law Office, Cheyenne, Wyoming, Tenth Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights (PRFA, Albany, N.Y., October 14, 2006)
    When officials of the federal Bureau of Land Management used repeated harassment to try to intimidate Frank Robbins into granting an easement across his property, the owner of High Island Ranch in Wyoming sued the individual officials under RICO, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Robbins.
  • James K. Chilton, Jr."Turning the Tables-Defamation Suit Defeats Environmental Group"- By James K. Chilton, Jr., Chilton Ranch & Cattle Co., Arivaca, Arizona, Tenth annual National Conference on Private Property Rights (PRFA, Albany, NY, October 14, 2006)
    James Chilton won a ruling in Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that his ranch could not be regulated under NEPA because of potential habitat when the species under consideration was not present. Afterwards, Mr. Chilton successfully brought a defamation suit against the Center for Biological Diversity for their publication of photos to maliciously misrepresent conditions on his ranch.
  • Robert J. Smith"The Pleistocene Park Project—Removing Civilization from North America" - By Robert J. Smith, Adjunct Environmental Scholar, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Speech to the Ninth Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights (PRFA, Albany, N.Y., October 22, 2005)
    Environmental scholars proposed in August 2005 to restore the ecosystem and all the large animals that roamed North America at the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age, replacing extinct mammals with Asian and African counterparts, including elephants, lions, cheetahs, camels, wild horses and a giant tortoise, while eliminating human beings from ten states from Canada to Mexico, from the east edge of the Rockies to just west of the Mississippi River. This is just the latest of radical environmental proposals that are viewed as credible and explain what the environmental leadership is about.
  • Matthew McKeown"Greetings" - By Matthew McKeown, Deputy Solicitor, U.S. Department of Interior; Speech to the Eighth Annual Conference on Private Property Rights (PRFA, Albany, N.Y. October 23, 2004)
    The Secretary of Interior is committed to protecting water rights of ranchers, using the Healthy Forest Initiative to restore communities in the Northwest, working with landowners to protect habitat under the Endangered Species Act, and establishing a way to settle RS2477 access roads.
  • Jack W. Herzberg"Open Range, Fact or Fiction" - By Jack W. Herzberg (Used by permission, copyright 2004 Jack W. Herzberg)
    The U.S. Forest Service does not respect the property rights of inholders. Instead, the agency allows cattle and sheep graziers to permit their livestock to graze in unfenced, posted fields. The law requires that livestock owners have a duty of ordinary care to prevent the trespass of their livestock on posted lands, whether fenced or not.
  • "Adverse Possession and Open Range" - by Jack Herzberg (PRFA, September 2004)
    James and Carla Davis intend to use their range land in Pinal County, Arizona, to enjoy their retirement and develop an old west town. Instead, they find themselves in court defending against the claim of Joe and Carmen Auza, who assert adverse possession in the spurious basis that they've been grazing animals on the Davis's property.
  • "Open Range Warfare — The 2003 Version" - By Ron Zumbrun (Reprinted by permission, from The Daily Recorder, City of Sacramento, October 13, 2003)
    Plumus County, California adopted an open range ordinance, forcing property owners to allow cattle grazing. Jack and Millie Herzberg are suing for trespass and illegal rent control. They want full compensation and liability insurance.
  • "Endangered Species Act is racketeering" — Don Fife (Guest Commentary, The Leader, Lucerne Valley, California, February 6, 2002)
    The Bureau of Land Management is trying to shut down Dave Fisher's family ranch, saying that the cattle compete with the desert tortoise for food, but the truth is that "the greatest threat to the tortoise is the incompetence of the BLM biologists."
  • "BLM's way of Protecting the Tortoise"-By Don Fife (2001)
    The BLM is trying to shut down Dave Fisher's ranch under the guise that the cattle compete with the tortoise for food, but the greatest threat to the tortoise is the incompetence of the BLM wildlife biologists.

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